Can you set up a sata drive with ssd

can you set up a sata drive with ssd
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  1. What exactly are you asking?

    SATA (i.e. Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is a computer bus interface for connecting mass storage devices.

    SSD (i.e. solid-state drive) is a data storage device that uses solid-state memory to store persistent data. All of the SSDs that I've seen and used have a SATA interface.

    Are you asking if you can use both a SATA HDD and an SSD in the same system? The answer is yes.
  2. my applogies allow me to rephrease that question. (I had it posted before the registration to Tom's site so something got messed up in the process.)
    What I ment to ask is if I am to use SSD and couple of SATA drive in the same time or inconjunction. What would be my setting. I have Rampage Extreme as board. AHCI or something if I recalled correct is the recomanded setting my SSD; currently set to RAID port 5. RAID 0 and 1 on my board is set for speed drive function. 2 and 3 won't find the SSD drive. I understand I will sacrifice some speed, however that's something I may have to adapt. So that's port 2,3,4 and 6(techically not counting from 0) left for use.
    What might be recommanded in this situation please advice?
    If this matters all SATA drive at WD at 750GB,2x 1TBs(Black,RPM?(don't recall have to find out)
    I would appreciate your time and advice.
  3. I couldn't figure out exactly what you said but are the drives connected as follows? Please indicate what drives are connected to which ports and its corresponding settings. Once that is clear to me I will be able to provide some advice.

    Intel ICH9R Southbridge set to [RAID]
    SATA1 <-- WDC 750 GB
    SATA2 <-- not used
    SATA3 <-- not used
    SATA4 <-- not used
    SATA5 <-- SSD
    SATA6 <-- not used

    Silicon Image SIL5723 RAID
    Speeding HDD1 <-- WDC 1 TB
    Speeding HDD2 <-- WDC 1 TB
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