Monitor has blue tint after playing game

My system:

ASUS P5Q SE2 motherboard
Intel Q9400
PNY 7950 GT Graphics Card
4 GB of RAM
Vista 32bit Home Premium
Acer 22" for my primary monitor
ViewSonic 19" for my second monitor

I run two monitors from my PNY 7950 GT graphics card. Last night after playing the game Mass Effect, my second monitor had a blue tint to it. My primary monitor was fine. I tried rebooting the system, deleting temp files and going into the NVidia Control panel and changing settings, the problem persisted. I then verified my 2nd monitor was good by connecting it to my notebook PC. After about twenty minutes, after being reconnected to my desktop PC, my second monitor suddenly got some red streaks, going horizontally across the screen. This lasted for about two minutes and when it was done, my second monitor looked normal. Until I understand what happened, I'm not planning on playing Mass Effect again. One other point of interest, Mass Effect was only running on my primary monitor, not my second. I had Microsoft Outlook running on my second.

Does anyone have any ideas about what is going on?

Thanks for any feeback.


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  1. Colour distortion is very common with a poor dsub connecton. You wouldnt get the same kind of distortion (like a shift into the blue) with digital unless the drivers started messing up the colour balance.

    Many monitors come with drivers to calibrate their colours, check to see those are installed correctly. This only applies to teh blue tint you said you saw.

    Vertical lines, missing textures etc are signs of the GPU overheating and/or failing in general.
  2. I've never gotten so fast a reply thanks. I'm looking for a newer driver for my old 19 inch, but so far no luck. I really like running two monitors though, so I'm not going to give it up. As far the connection goes, I even tried another cable but the blue tint was still there. I'm beginning to think my card is failing, I guess I better start shopping for a new one.

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