Fan controller+cpu fan

Hi...I have a few questions to ask about a fan controller...

I want to install 4 of these fans (see all the links below) on a single (lcd preferred) fan controller (an affordable one.... (below 50 euro's/pounds seems good enough;)) :
and 2 of these:
And the side fan of the cosmos s
(or this one:
if it's actually word the upgrade)
And this cpu cooler:
^Not sure whether that fit 's in my cosmos s case or not though.....

Anyone here that has suggestions on how to do this, whether it's possible or not and about the cpu cooler that I want to fit in my cosmos s case? (socket 1366, i7 950, and Asrock X58 EXTREME6 that motherboard)
(I still have to buy this rig,(I want to keep the cosmos s case;), could change the motherboard and cpu though, but already have a thread of that on a different forum; ) )

(and excuse me for my bad english :( )
Thanks in advance,


I also saw something on a distant forum of which I can't remember the name that you could use splitters or something?
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  1. i had that mobo it caught on fire lol for real but anyways all the fans can be controlled from the bios on that mobo its great i loved it idk you may not need a fan controller
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