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Hi guys, my friend has recently purchased Inno3d 9600GT 512MB DDR3 card, card comes with a Huge Round Heat sink fan covering the chipset while memory chips can b seen.

here is the link

the card we have has hynix memory chips. the card comes with 2 pin white connector that is visible in the pictures. when we use to increase the fan speed by using either EVGA Precision or Rivatuner the fan speed dont respond. whats the issue with that. the card's idle temps are 48C while under load it reaches around 66C. kindly inform me how to control this condition.
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  1. 66C under full load is a good temperature for a card to be running at. I wouldn't worry about changing the fan speed.
  2. Variable speed fans have a three pin connector; One live, one ground and one to send a signal to the computer telling it how fast the fan is turning.
    With 2 pin connector you cannot change the speed through software, it will need a hardware modification which I would not recommend.
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