Help with Build please

hi i was going for an i7-920 build.
my first post was the "first time building" thread.
something came up and my budget got slashed down mad.
can anyone help me with a build thats $1500 or below
but still good?

i thought up.

p5n-t deluxe
xms2 dominator 4gb(2x2gb)
w.d caviar black 640GB
corsair tx series 750W
HAF 932
BFG GeFore GTX 260 OC Maxcore 55
LG GH22N530 Black SATA DVD-Writer
creative sound blaster x-fi titanium

and that came up to, including tax,


and thats w/o the monitor which im hoping to get the samsung 2443bw :'(

yeah its a huge slash down from my almost $2500 i7 build
but i still need it slashed down some more.
im willing to change any part as long as im getting $1500 or under thats including tax.
jeez this is a pain in the ass
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  1. which country are you in?
  2. Is the cpu Q9400? It's alright, but I'd go with Q6600, especially if I'm overclocking it.

    Are you gonna SLI? If not, pick out a P45 mobo by ASUS. Seems you like that brand.

    750W is enough for dual GTX260's, but not 280's or 285's. I'm saying if you upgrade the 260's to two more powerful cards, the 750W may not be enough. 1000W+ will be.
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