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I am going to build my first desktop and want to use the Intel 2500K Sandy Bridge with 1(one) AMD 6950. Which motherboard will give me the most user-friendly/intuitive overclocking ability for the CPR, GPU, and RAM while still being reliable?
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  1. hi...
    - for best gamming EVGA P67 SLI
    - ASUS P8P67 Pro
  2. i have a gigabyte p67a-ud7 and i have NEVER seen a better board
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    Here is a great comparison article from here at Tom's. I like the Gigabyte P67A-UD4 myself. Great price and a great overclocker.,2837.html
  4. Asus seems to be the best for Intel chips. I personally like GB's for AMD.
    From what I see, Asus has the best out there for Sandybridge. SLI and Xfire compatible.
    The trend seems to be x8 on dual usage of PCI-E slots.
    But, right now, I don't think you can go bad with any of the name brand newer chipset boards, they've been out for awhile now.
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  6. Thanks all
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