New PSU/GPU = No Signal on Monitor

Hullo, my comp came back from RMA after 1 million years so I turned it on. Everything worked fine even my old data/games/programs were on the hardrive so I turned it off. Took out the PSU/GPU replaced them and now I get a no signal on the monitor. Everything powers up fans start spinning etc....I need help. This new computer has been a nightmare for me.

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  1. First try the obvious: Make sure the card is fully seated and any power leads are correctly connected and fully home. Also check the motherboard connections, there will be two and I for one have spent a happy half hour swearing at a new build only to find one was not connected-how embarrasing?
  2. yeah I placed back in the old PSU/GPU and still nothing on the screen. The only 2 motherboard connectors are the 4 pin and 24 pin. More ideas guys keep um flowing
  3. oddly enought the LED for the hard drive flashes every 2-3 seconds on start up RED. I cant remember if that was the usual colour for no likie. I must have damaged the contact somehow when changing the PSU...BUGGER
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