Is this a good AMD SLI build for a $1000 budget?

Can i play high end games like GTA 4 or Crysis on 60FPS this Budget Build?
and will further upgrades be possible? need help!

sorry hehe..changed the link sorry guys
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  1. That is only a link to our shopping carts, to make a list you ahve to make a public wishlist.
  2. I also havent seen your list but , I am totally sure that SLI is not going to give better performance than spending the same money on a single gfx card rig

    Add in that nVidia's motherboard chipsets dont perform as well as amd's own 790 series and sli is even less attractive on AMD than it is on intel .
  3. ^+1

    For a $1k budget you're better off with a single card, like a 4870 or a 4890.
    SLI/Crossfire is more noisy, more expensive, and eats more power. Also, 2 cards doesn't mean twice the performance, there is about a 50% increase from 1 card to 2.
  4. +1 for Outlander don't get an SLI chipset, go with a 790gx chipset and just use the ATI equivalent GPU's, its a much more stable and overclockable platform.

    Your link just takes people to their shopping carts, no one can see your build. Leave links and item descriptions so we know what you are looking at.
  5. I would go with AM3 790FX or 790GX type of motherboard with ATI video card. The memory same brand you what is the DDR3 1333 is $10 cheaper. It better to upgrade with a different CPU and faster memory in later.
  6. for $1000 i'd go with an i7 pc.

    you get sli and crossfire too.
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