Triple Monitor setup

Is there a way to have 3 monitors using on board video (HD3200) and an HIS 4850 512MB video card?

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA78G-DS3H

Thanks for any help.

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  1. naw...not with one GPU
  2. Try it and see?

    I would think if you can set your motherboard to keep the onboard HD3200 running while the HD4850 is inserted, then, yes, you should have three active video ports (2 on the HD4850 and one the motherboard for the HD3200).

    It may not let you, in which case, the answer is no. :)

    One-two years back, the Nvidia drivers for Windows had a bug that caused a big frame rate hit for running a second monitor while gaming, and some people got around this by adding an ATI card to run the second monitor, even a very low end one. It couldn't be an Nvidia card because the Nvidia driver would manage both GPUs, and the framerate bug manifested as long as the Nvidia driver was managing two monitors. But with an ATI card, XP let both Nvidia and ATI drivers run simultaneously, so the Nvidia driver only managed one monitor, so ... no bug. On Vista this didn't work because Vista only allowed one graphics driver. (Nvidia fixed the bug in a later driver release for Vista.)

    I mention this because from it, we know driver software can manage more than one GPU. And they're both ATI so even if you have Vista, you should be able to load the ATI driver software, and have it see both GPUs.

    I'd try it anyway.
  3. Bluescreendeath said:
    naw...not with one GPU

    Thats sooo very wrong.....there is a whole site dedicated to setting it up on onboard ati or nvidia systems with many many users running onboard and there graphics card in unison :pfff:

    Now that i finally have my card if only i could find that damn site

    And since you can crossfire with the onboard ati and your graphics card you should be able to op!
  4. I've tried it already and it didn't work, I've gone through the bios settings and everything seems good. I was just wondering if there was another way to achieve this.


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