What CPU cooler to get? i7-2600k, Silverstone FT-02, ASUS P67 Deluxe

Alright so I'm getting a 2600k and FT-02 case with a Asus P67 Deluxe mobo.

Any recommendations on what CPU cooler I should get?
I plan on OC'ing the heck out of it so I want a good air cooler.

And am having trouble finding any CPU cooler reviews.. seems like the last time I put together a computer there was alot of reviews on CPU coolers and having trouble finding any uptodate this time around. So if someone could point me towards one that'd be great.

Was also curious with this case since it'll have a 180mm fan blowing directly across the CPU if that might change up what's suggested I get for a cooler.
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  1. Noctua NH-D14.

    SB is fragile, be careful.

    From what I've read: Do not exceed 1.35 vcore and do NOT adjust BCLK.
  2. This guy seems quite knowledgeable on overclocking the 2600k though it wasn't the 2nd generation that's available for retail

    He's saying up to 1.5v is ok for 24/7 use. And even the auto OC feature was taking it upwards of 1.44v if I recall correctly. Though I agree I'm going to be cautious with my overclocking doing alot of research before hand before even touching the voltage.
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