Building a gaming pc and i was thinking if it would fit

power cool 550w [power]
cool marster eliete 335 [case]
gigabyte ga g31m es2lmicro atx [mother bord]
amd phanom2 x3720 2.8 ghz[prossesor]
ocz 4g titanim ddr2 pc2 cl4 dule channel [ram][hard drive] maxtor stm 3160[gpu]nvida 9800 or a good one][sound card] xfi sound blaster....... thanks and will it work together
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  1. <--- did you mean this mobo ?

    If so it won't work, you have a amd cpu for a mobo that's made for an intel cpu. Try the E5200 for a bargain.
  2. Either switch the CPU to a E8400 or switch the MB to this:
  3. What's your budget? Have considered an i7 setup?
  4. What is a "power cool 550w"? I have never heard of that brand before, and I wouldn't trust it. Look at antec, corsair, seasonic, PC Power & Cooling PSU's in the 500w range.
  5. ^ Prefer CORSAIRS myself. They really deserve their rep.
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