64GB SSD for boot, programs on another drive?

Hey everyone, its been a long time since I've posted here, but once again i'm pondering about performance within hdds, mainly focusing around boot time, program load time and the idea of read and write of large files ( 500mb - 2GB) and also temp files that PhotoShop use, and also video editing too.

Current Setup

Atm i have a 500GB HDD, (Samsung F3) Partion'd in two, 1. a 64GB for boot only(win 7 64 ultimate), and 2. Programs, Games, and temp work files are located ( have additional drives for storage)

This works nicely as the boot partition is kept clean and fast, also all neatly on the iner section of the large hard drive, fast to defrag etc too so performance is nice. The page file and temp files are all kept within this too and not spread out all over a 500GB drive. The load of PS CS4 is about 2-3 seconds max from cold boot so ive never complaind and this is a 3 year old system come Jan, only reason for upgrading is the motherboard is on its way out with a dodgy sata controller picking up drives when it feels like it.

Now new build time in Jan.

Would the cost of a 64GB SSD for the Boot, and another HDD for the program files see any benifit over the current set up, or would the fact its now two seperate drives produce no improvement or even worse over how i've got it set up now? or would i see benifits due to its speed with working on large files in PS , video editing software etc?

Thanks for your time, it may sound like a dumb question, but if you never ask you never know :)
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  1. Thats cool, yeh do like win 7 a lot for the ease of everything i have to say.

    I'm just unsure if puting the programs on another drive but setting the temp and cash files to the SSD os drive is the best for performance.

    Theres no way i can get all programs i use and games onto one 64GB drive, and i dont want to spend the money for a 128GB SSD, trying to get the most snappy and responsive configoration for my money lol
  2. Yeh sounds good, im not a totaly performance nut, but do like stuff fluid and snappy, and always feel like a clean drive or partition for just hte OS keeps it that way for as long as possible lol

    Just gota wait till i can aford the new build, current pc is fine, but the sata controller on the mobo i think is gone.. so anoying cos its randomly will freeze or not pick up a drive, but then some days ita pick it up and totaly find.. brought a new hdd cos i though it was that... but nope lol
  3. Me, I'll wait for sandybridge and intel g3 ssd (intel fanboy much?). They say q1 2011 but...

    Then, I'll consider a new build.
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