I7 950 voltage overclock

Hey guys i would like to ask why does sometimes my core #3 in core temp has only 50 percent load? Im running P95 large fft. I overclock it by 4009 mhz. I think after 30 mins of running p95 core #3 will down its load to 50%? Is my temp good for stability? Im just aiming for 4 GHz on air coolers. Thanks

i7 950
cooler master v10
x58a-ud3r ver 2
12gb ram kingston 1333
xfx 5870 crossfire

frequency: 4 GHz {167x24}
QPI: auto {6.01 GHz}
Uncore CR: x18 {3006 MHz}

mem. frequency: 167 X 8 {1336 MHz}
PCI E: {100 MHz}

Voltage All auto Except:
CPU Vcore: {1.26875V}
DRAM Voltage: {1.300V}


idle: {40 C}
max load: {76 C}
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  1. Is that core temperature, or cpu temperature? Try to keep your cpu temp under 70.
    ...Which is a bit high for your low-voltage overclock, and the vcore you're running. That cooler should be enough, though, so maybe it's just a sick cpu. Try running benchmarks and compare the numbers with people using similar setups.
  2. Have you made sure error checking is enabled in Prime 95?, maybe Core 3 encounters an error and so stops working.

    Also your uncore frequency is alittle high, it should be double your memory frequency for maximum stability.
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