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Im sorry to be asking this question since alot of people basically seem to be asking the same thing, but no one seems to be answering my question. as of right now not last year or in the future what is the best video card for gaming? i want to play games like cod waw and crysis at decently high settings. i have researched many many cards here and do not really understand the benchmarks. i would just like a card for 200 or less that can handle these games, while still leaving me in a good spot for new upcoming games. hopefully it can use dx 10. i am building my system and am doing so around the video card. again i am sorry for asking the same question that has been covered so many times before.

thank you
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  1. Just like the A10 'Warthog' :Built around its main cannon;)
    What resoloution of monitor will you use? The larger it is, the more powerful the card needs to be.
    For 22" 1680x1024 or less, on a new build rather than as an upgrade I'd say either the GTX260 or 1Gb HD4870, both can be found for under $200 (U.S.).
  2. sigh....,2270.html

    Learn to google.. I won't say anything mean as that always ends badly..
  3. to: daedalus685
    i did search google but i could not find the exact answers i was looking for and must have missed that site. so i just thought that i would ask, a nd like i said i knew i was going to get yelled at and told to look. when i look for a card on a site like newegg, there will be multiple cards that all carry the same ati or nvidia chipset but made by different companies and have different clock speeds, stream processors, and all of that confuses me i would just like someone to guide me and help me make the decision to get the best card i can.

    to: coozie7
    the monitor is a 19" lcd and its resolution is set to 1280 x 1024 i dont necessarilly have to be able to play the game at that resolution but i would like to be able to play at at least 1024 x 768. the card i have now can play crysis and other games but most of the games are played on low at 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 the card i have now is a diamond stealth (i dont know the model number ) but it has a radeon 9550 on it. i know that ANY card i get will be an improvement over that but i just dont want to be sitting here at the same time next year going through this again. but i do appreciate your help and any more you could give me would be appreciated.
    i guess what i need is someone to shop with me and guide me through this process.

    thank you all
  4. right now the best gfx "card" for under $200 is a pair of the new ati 4770's in crossfire .

    They should be about $190 for the pair .

    BUT since you have a 19 inch lcd you simply dont need that much gfx grunt . A single 4870 or gtx 260 more than sufficient
  5. @wbixby: You are building new, right? If so, take a look at the Homebuilt Forum, even post a few questions about the new build there.
    For a new build I would still go for the 1 Gb HD4870 or GTX260. Both of these are far, far more than you need at 1280x1024 but providing you pair it with a good CPU they will keep gaming at this resoloution for a very long time and should easily enable you to upgrade the monitor to 1680x1080 (20-22") later if you choose.
    My rules of buying a card:
    1: Make does not matter; The warranty is far more importaint than who made the card.
    2: The chip does not matter; As long as they are roughly equal in performance one (Nvidia or ATI) will do better in some games than others and vice versa.
    3: Do not pay extra for 'overclocked' cards; If you want it overclocked do it yourself.
    4: Do not look at the 'shaders'; Nvidia and ATI have different ideas about what a shader is and you cannot compare them on just the numbers quoted.
    5: Do not look at the clockspeed; see 3.
    6: Even if you are not in the US, take a look at the Newegg site, the customer reviews can give you information not found in 'proper' reviews.
    7: This chart tells you where the cards place relative to each other.,review-31554-6.html
  6. thank you coozie7 that helped me out alot. here is my list that i have made on newegg and could possibly be my next pc. tell me what you guys think


    after reading your post i think maybe ill look for a better warrantied vid card but that is the one that i think ill get. the only other thing im not sure of is the mobo if it is sufficient or not. but maybe you guys could let me know if im in good shape or not

    thank you,
  7. Outlander_04 said:
    right now the best gfx "card" for under $200 is a pair of the new ati 4770's in crossfire .

    They should be about $190 for the pair .

    BUT since you have a 19 inch lcd you simply dont need that much gfx grunt . A single 4870 or gtx 260 more than sufficient

    WOAH! those are way more than he needs on a 19"...

    Go with either a GTS 250 or ati 4770.....i mean damn outlander he even said he sacrifices eyecandy...the ones i listed will play most new games maxed out :??:

    Lets get real here people no reason to go wasting money
  8. 4770 or GTX 260, both under $200. 4770 is around $100 while the GTX 260 is around $175. The performance difference is about what you would expect from the price difference.
  9. @ wbixby: Post a question in the Homebuilt Forum on that spec although I will make a few observations:
    The 775 platform is getting old which is going to make any future upgrades either difficult or just impossible so I would suggest looking to AMD for the CPU and motherboard rather than Intel.
    Not certain about the PSU but I would be happier recommending something from a make known to me : Corsair, Seasonic, Pc Power and Cooling, OCZ or Antec. Look to about 500-550 for a single HD4870 or 650 or more to Crossfire later.
    For graphics you have two options here:
    1:Get the HD4870 the card is vast overkill right now but this is a new build and overspecifying the graphics will give room for a larger monitor or just a longer life rather than getting something that is 'good enough' now only to have to upgrade again next year.
    2: Get a CF motherboard and a single HD4770 and Crossfire when or if things start to slow down. This will be the least expensive option.
  10. All right, under 200, if you ask me, the best solution is 4850/4770 CF. You get a certain 4850 for $90 on newegg. Get two of those.
    Best value for money and can play your games great even at 1920 x 1200.
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