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KVM options for DVI and analog?

Not sure if this is the best forum to post this question.

I now have a very inexpensive KVM switch that worked perfectly with my old CRT. Now I have an LCD that supports both analog and DVI. Is there a (inexpensive) way to have a switch that would connect my old PC, which is analog only, and my newer PC with DVI?

So what I am wondering is if I can get the benefit of DVI with my newer PC with the DVI, and be able to switch to the older PC with analog only, to the new LCD monitor?

The LCD has both inputs. The new PC has both outputs. The old PC has only analog out.

Thank for any help.
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    Save yourself the headaches. This is what I use and it's been GREAT! :sol:
  2. Check your new LCD for an input switch (analog/digital). If it has one, just use that when switching systems.

    Currently, I have two systems hooked up to my Viewsonic VG2230wm 22" widescreen. It has both DVI and VGA inputs. My browser system is connected to the VGA input and my gamer is connected to the DVI input. I use a KVM for the Keyboard, mouse, and speakers only.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I a may end up trying both ways. I do not have the two PC networked, so unable to try the software (kavoom) yet. Switching between analog and digital may work for a quick try.
  4. armani2468 said:
    Save yourself the headaches. This is what I use and it's been GREAT! :sol:

    TO Armani 2468,
    Sure hope you get this msg....I'm trying to learn more about this kvm software switch you recommend....
    I'm simply trying to use two boxes - one xp and win7...both Dell...while learning the win 7 machine, I need to function in my xp box....MOST confusing!!
    KVM switches are more confusing than I ever says I need an adaptor dvi to vga or they won't work???
    If this kavoom software is all I need, it'll save me much frustration...
    Thanks / John in Dallas
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