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So i got my new rig few days ago and the specs are :

Intel Core i7 920
6GB DDR3 Kingston 1066
XFX 9800GTX+
Gigabyte 800w Odin

42c @ 60% fan speed when not gaming ( 40c @ 70%)

68c @ 60% while playing (59c @ 70%)

According to CPUID HWM

are these temps good?

Will setting the fan speed at 70-80 affect the GPU(or the fan itself) in anyway?

Sorry if my questions seems "stupid" seeing this is my 1st pc build (used a Acer P4 before)

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  1. Nice build.
    Good tempratures.
    The fan is a simple mechanical device and will wear out faster the more it is worked.
    Do not forget to register that card for the full warranty.
  2. Thanks for the reply

    So which fan speed do you recommend ?

    And at what temp it is "too high"?
  3. Nvidia state that the max working temperature for that card is 105C. I would say anything below around 85C is very good under full load and under 50C when idle.
  4. I've got a similar rig sitting inside an antec twelve hundred case.

    using a Zalman 9700 HSF (or similar) and OC running 3.36GHZ on the i7 920 (speed stepping, turbo), your idle core temps shouldn't be much higher than 40C for any one core. On mine, core 2 rests a few degrees higher than the others, but no single core will hit 68C under extended full load (68C = Intel i7 920 max temp, according to spec)

    Its notable that if you're running dual monitors, its normal for the 9800GTX+ to idle between 50-60C depending on ambient temps, but I haven't seen mine hit 70C yet under full load.
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