Driving me nuts

Ok, I have overclocked my CPU to 3.9GHz and my GPU to 710MHz. Once a week it will freeze! (Black screen, looping audio, needs restart)

I have tested and tested my CPU again and again, also with my RAM tested and tested, my GPU tested.

I do not understand, could my mobo be overheating? I am just at a total loss of why it does this. I know it isn't software, cause just know when it did it I pushed the reset button, which stopped the looping audio but it still sat at a black screen. Only until I turned it off and back on did it boot. Meaning that rules out the gfx card. I guess I will just have to run Prime for 24hrs...... what do you guys think?
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  1. Clear CMOS & Go Default
    - first uninstall software OC CPU & GPU
    in the default, did you have same problem...?
  2. Well, I ran prime and it bombed...... thats what I get for using other OC Stressing programs I guess (really hate Prime95)

    Gonna have to tough it out and redo everything using Prime. :'( Thanks for the help though.
  3. try :
    - intelburn test it' good just 15~20minute but u can get HOT CPU
    - OCCT : http://www.ocbase.com/perestroika_en/

    i always use both for test my OC
  4. LoL, thats what I used! And both passed with flying colors.

    But that doesn't insure a 24/7 stable OC like Prime does unfortunately....
  5. In my experience, it is one of two things:

    1. Thermal shutdown from too much heat.
    2. Improper timing on RAM settings.

    I've run systems that were NOT "prime stable" beyond 4 hours, and have had no problems with them, although they did eventually crash under prime.

    Prime is getting oooooold... there are other better ways to test for stability.
  6. Prime is getting oooooold... there are other better ways to test for stability.

    Would you elaborating on that for the masses? Thanks.:)
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