Hello folks, first off, I read through the SSD drive thread and the RAID thread for answers/ opinions to my questions but didn't come across what I was looking for. But anyway.. As most of us know, black friday has kicked in on newegg. I was thinking of taking advantage and buying some new storage devices, I currently am only using a 7200 RPM 200Gb WD Caviar and am feeling the loading times just increasing and increasing. My plan is to buy a SSD for OS, and few top tier/slower loading games on. Buy a larger volume Velociraptor to keep all my other games on for still very much better loading times than my caviar, and then also keep my caviar for storage of music, shows, movies and various other files. I was wondering, how would I set up these 3 drives for best performance/least issues, anything like that.

I'm looking for personal opinions and or straight facts, please and thank you! :D
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  1. bumping, I want to get some opinions here before black fridays over :)
  2. An SSD will speed things up a LOT more than a Velociraptor will. What most people do is to buy an SSD large enough to hold both the OS and the programs/games they use the most, and then either a 7200 rpm or a "green" drive to hold their data.

    There's nothing inherently wrong about using three tiers (SSD, VR, Caviar) of drives, but if I could afford it I'd personally just buy a larger SSD rather then having the complication of the extra drive.
  3. alright, so if it was your situation you would spend the $190 on a 120gb SSD then the $170 for a 60gb SSD and a 150gb velociraptor?
  4. Actually what I did (and this is about a year ago) was to buy the 160GB Intel G2 SSD...
  5. I would say a good SSD + 2TB 5400rpm drive for mass-storage data is a good choice. All your big files like movies and music can go on the 2TB drive and everything else, especially 'active files' like applications and your OS, would go on the SSD instead.

    As for SSD, there are newer ones coming out in one and two months; perhaps you should wait a bit and see how this affects pricing. If you want to buy now, i would start with a 40GB/50/60 SSD and the 2TB 5400rpm HDD and buy a larger and much faster SSD later, since currently buying SSD is not that smart; prices would drop 25%-50% still in coming year and we're just a few months away from the new badge of third generation SSDs. In February most of these newer SSDs should be available, like Intel G3. This also should mean the existing SSDs get hefty price cuts to compete with the newer SSDs. This would be the time to buy a new SSD; either one of older 2nd generation, or a new third generation SSD with supercapacitor.
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