XFX HD 4870 512MB -- Low Framerates?

The title pretty much explains my problem. I'm using an XFX 4870 512MB but for some reason I'm only getting around 32 FPS in WoW.. Other reviews of the same card say 100+ fps, and I know somebody whose laptop has a nVidia 9800M GS and is getting the same framerate. With my current setup I should be getting MUCH MUCH higher framerates than this. Can sombody offer some advice?

I'm not running in windowed mode, and I have the latest Catalyst drivers to the extent of my knowledge. The only other thing open is firefox, but since I have a quad core, and WoW can only utilize 2 of them, this really should not make a difference at all.

I'm only using a 20" monitor too..

EDIT: I turned multisampling from x1 to x8 and my framerate dropped to 20.
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  1. WoW is more CPU dependent so it could be your cpu slowing down your graphics card
  2. Hmm. I was comparing 8x multisample and 1x multisample and there is no difference AT ALL. Why is multisampling not working?..

    Ok, I figured out that problem, but still.. only 40-60 fps in the game's oldest content. In the current stuff it is usually around 25-35 fps.
  3. If it is due to my CPU, can you point out any overclocking links for my specific CPU?

    It was supopsed to be in my sig.. oh well.

    Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz

    Seems like it would be more than powerful enough for WoW though.
  4. ah; that was a wild guess but your cpu is more than enough
  5. virus? spyware? malware? adware?
    just try to update your drivers and bios again:D
  6. Nope, brand new computer. I've updated my drivers, can somebody point me to where I can update my BIOS?
  7. Ok, 3DMark06 scored 14496. Is that what it should be for my framerate in WoW?

    Heres a link to my test:

  8. Do you have VSync on or off? Also, I'd suggest turning Catalyst AI to standard or advanced if it is not already there. And finally, if you can set AA and AF in game, do them in one place (in game or in drivers but not both). And, turn off adaptive AA for fastest performance.
  9. VSync seems to make the game run much smoother, and I usually only get 10-15 fps higher with it off (70 vs 60 or 35 vs 30). I'm really worried seeing as my friend, who has a Q6600 and dual 8800GT is getting much higher framerates than I am. Are the dual 8800GT really that much better than the 4870?
  10. All I meant was that VSync will limit FPS to your monitor's refresh rate (probably 60Hz) so if it is on, you will never see 100FPS. Also, as soon as it can no longer do 60FPS, it will drop it down to the next refresh rate/multiple of refresh rate.
  11. Yeah I know. But I was only getting 30 fps with VSync turned off in a place where I thought I should be getting about 50-55. I know there would be no difference then with VSync on (I'd still only get 30), but there are other times when my fps will drop down another 15-20 fps. That means as it is I'll only get getting 15 fps. If I were getting 50 fps right now, I would bottom out at 30.
  12. Bios update anybody?
    I was told this would solve my screen flicker issue, but i can't find an updated BIOS anywhere..

    Also, the CCC doesn't work in windows 7 yet. Is there a file I can change manually with notepad or something to bring my fan speed up to 35%?
  13. Take your shadows down one notch from maximum. That should double your fps and the visual difference is negligible. WoW's shadows are very poorly coded.
  14. I'll do that during raids if my framerate drops too low, but it just seems absurd that my friend with an ASUS laptop with a Core2 Duo 2.83GHz and a nVidia 9800M GS would get the same framerate as me.

    I know WoW only uses two of my cores, but still. Is a 9800M GS as good as my HD 4870?
  15. Did you managed to solve your problem?
    I had same problem but I've found a way to fix it...
  16. I'm still getting about the same fps, but it isn't really a problem. Its just weird that my friend with a 9800M GS graphics card is getting the same framerate as me.
  17. I have AMD X2 5000+, XFX HD4870, 4GB DDR2 and I get 130+ fps in WoW @ 1680x1050 all settings maxed out, including multisampling 8x.
    I had the same fps problem in WoW, but it was because of ATI Catalyst Overdrive and XFX's BIOS.
    I've installed Ati Tray Tools latest beta and uninstalled CCC and all my problems are gone.
  18. Hi I've got an XFX HD4870 XXX edition and i've got 3 major issues.

    1.When looking at Catalyst control centre its saying my clock speed is 200 and my memory is 500.....what the hell? should I turn Ati overdrive off.... will this revert my clock speed back to 775 and 3800???

    2.Oh and I downloaded the bios off the XFX site and that won't open.

    3.Only catalyst 8.12 work with my card. I can't get 9.1 upwards to work with it.

    Booo Hoooo
  19. Omg I suppose u are a noob! :pt1cable: xD How is your PSU? The downclock means probably that the VGA hasn't enough power supply. I've got a 4870 and it's a beast, but it's really greedy of energy. So I suppose u have to change your PSU with a etter one!


    Oh, you can't, YOU CAN'T stay with that version of the drivers!!! Make them work!!!
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