I5 760 and EVGA P55 LE?

Hi I have an i5 760 2.86 GHZ and was hoping to overclock it to a higher performance rate. Unfortunately this is my first build and I have never overclocked before. My Zalman 9900 Heatsink fan came in and I also have Artic Silver. I was wondering what the highest I could achieve as an overclock with this CPU and heatsink. MY mobo is an EVGA P55 LE. Thanks.
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  1. I would recommend not going higher than 3.8...although in my opinion 3.6 would be ideal and probably not too difficult to reach...

    But since I don't have much time, I can't go into detail on all of the overclocking stuff...but I know there are tons of complete step by step guides out there...so look for the one that specifically fits your cpu and read it...then try and see if you can get that cpu to what you want...

    Sorry I'm not supplying you with detailed instructions...but that's what those guides are out there for...lol...if you have specific questions post em here..
    and good luck ;)
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