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Im running out of room in my case for my rads and stuff and i had an idea to put it all in an old pc case i have but im not sure how that will affect flow with my D5. The case would be under my desk and my computer is on top of the desk , the highest point in the system would be about 4 feet above the lowest point and im wondering if where i place the pump would make a difference in flow. Should i put it at the bottom or in my main case ? there will be about 10-11 feet of 1/2 inch tubing total in the system. And has anyone ever tried this ?
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    What case, what rads, what blocks?

    Seems like a lot of tubing...are there no other options? Maybe a box you can set your case on, that you can mount your rads to?
  2. im useing a black ice gtx 240 and a ford bronco heater core and i could try to build a box but my desk is very cramped with 3 monitors and my case is a storm sniper so it takes a lot of space . the case is a crappy standard dell case from like 10 years ago but i modded it for 120mm fans on both side panels a few years ago. Im using 2 dangerden maze5 gpu blocks and a apoggee xt for the cpu and i also thought it was a lot of tubeing but i thought id ask here before i scrapped the idea ;) right now when i stress the cpu and video playing black ops i hit 55c but if i open the case up it drops to 35c almost instantly, theres just to much stuff in there. Im going to look into your box idea :) thanks
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