Help! OCZ Blades 1150 only running at 800??

Hello, Im new to computer building but please help me out :)
I have an Asus m4a78 pro motherboard which supports 1066 ram (I am aware i have bought 1150 but its not that bigger deal). Either way, it is currently running at 800 mhz. Please can someone tell me how to safely get it running at the full speed? With the correct settings? I have had bad experiences with my computer being unable to boot in the past and i dont want to screw it up again!

Note: according to asus's website, my ram can be overclocked to 1200 safely? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am happy with 1066! :)

Any help is GREATLY appreciated, and in case this helps, Im running windows 7 64bit and have a phenom II x4 965 at 3.4ghz.

p.s. here is a link to my ram:

and here to my motherboard:

thanks in advance!!!
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  1. You need to go into your BIOS and change the timings and voltage to achieve 1150Mhz.
  2. thanks for the reply, but can you help me with the specific settings i need?

    As i mentioned im new to this and would appreciate some help from someone who knows what theyre doing :)
  3. oh also here are my cpuz settings.

    for some reason the latencies r appearing as they should yet im getting 400mhz?
  4. Go into you Bios and look for RAM Frequency, once located, raise it to 575Mhz, leave the Timings at 5-5-5-18 and set voltage to 2.1v
  5. is my ram not designed to run at 1.8v with those timings though?
  6. Yes Sir, I apologize for that mistake.... The voltage should be left at 1.8v....
  7. i cant see that on my bios, only an option asking for 1066. could you possibly download my mobo's manual off the asus website please and check it for me, i just want to be sure thats all :)
  8. What Bios version are you using at the moment?
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