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I am looking to see what p55 motherboard supports turbo boost fully, I was looking to get a gigabyte p55-ud3 but I heard in a review that it would only turbo boost by 400mhz when a single core is used.

Can anyone confirm if this is true about the p55-ud3, or know what gigabyte board would run a single threaded process at the maximum turbo boost of 3.46Ghz for this chip?

I am a digital artist and dont overclock so I am going to buy this cpu but like the turbo boost feature for use in maya which only uses one core for modelling in the viewport.

I dont need sli, using one 260gtx but I do need 1 x pci for my surround sound card.

If no option other than overclock or expensive p55 board I'll go for X58 platform and i7 920 chip with a mild overclock to 3.4ghz or thereabouts.

Many thanks,
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  1. ^ Could you point the review where it says only 400MHz increase in Turbo mode ?
    If that really is the case, you can check out the P55-UD3R. It has better power regulation...
  2. this is the review:

    I went ahead and bought a socket 1366 system today :bounce:
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