G31-m7 te wont hold time

I have a new motherboard, that will not hold the bios setting? That is when I pull the power, and clear any extra power(push the on button). I have replaced the battery, and flashed the BIOS again with no success's Anyone have any ideas what Im doing wrong Thanks for any help!
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  1. Make sure the Clear CMOS jumper isn't in the Clear position.
  2. OMG!!!! Thank you....lol I cant believe I didnt see that... The stupid things you miss sometimes.... Yes I have put my 2 fingers in an "L" shape on my forehead. Have a good monday:)
  3. Great!!! Hey, consider yourself lucky it was simple. And, not stupid because you knew enough to ask for help.
  4. You know whats funny, is that I move it to the right jumper and now the system will not start.... But I move it back, and it starts up. It must be a bad board?
  5. I dunno, the manuals always caution you abour damaging the board if you leave em in the wrong position. If you end up RMA'ing it, I wouldn't mention what happened...
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