Why do my disk drives not work?

Hello- I have a new problem with my LiteOn disk drives. They are IDE and the master isn't working in 'autoplay' or 'autorun'. I have tried everything! ALL parameters and settings are set right. Even ran the MS AutoFix wizard and it fixed a couple of problems. Now, the slave drive is working, or so it seems, but no luck with the master. They are less than a year old (6 mos.) and I got them from Device manager says both drives are functioning properly. For the record, I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3, build 2600 in a 4 yr. old Compaq Presario SR1426NX that is hot rodded a bit. I sure could use some help here...if any interested parties need any more specs, please ask. (aford10, please chime in) Thanks!
TimW :??:
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  1. You might try opening windows explorer, right-click on the ODD, select Properties, select the AutoPlay tab, and choose "Prompt me each time...," or choose the options you want, click on the OK button. Then choose the other ODD and perform the same steps.
  2. thanks, treefrog07...we tried that already. the ONLY thing i haven't tried is cracking the case open and swapping the drives around on the chain. i think i heard someone say they had some luck doing that. i do know that this all happened after a real nasty attack and one of the infections was a hijacker whose name had 'registry in it. i would have to go back to the STOPzilla logs and retrieve the proper nomenclature, though. the drives have a 1 yr warranty, and since the slave in the chain works and the master doesn't, i should find the truth after swapping them around. if not, i'll exercise the warranty and see what happens. from the ratings at, i guess early drive failures are fairly common(?)
  3. Try swapping them on the chain before you return them. A trojan/virus could have changed your Windows registry settings, but should not have harmed your hardware. It is possible that one ODD failed. I had a bad experience with Lite-On CDRWs a few years ago, so I switched to other makes.
  4. thanks treefrog07!...what do you recommend in terms of disk drive manufacturers? STOPzilla does keep finding this Microplugin Trojan and an infection called Cognac. I tried the malware removal sequence in safe mode with networking as published by aford10, and apparently in my case it is ineffective. i am concerned about the hijacker that got into my registry, also. Please advise, thanks!....also, have a good Thanksgiving!
  5. You're welcome. I've had good luck with LG, Plextor, and Samsung ODDs. LGs are pretty cheap, but burn all the media I've tried. If the trojan is the cause of your ODD problems, you might perform a clean install of the OS to solve it. Of course, you would have to backup all your data, and you would have to then reinstall all your programs and the data you backed up.
    You have a Great Thanksgiving, too - I've got to go start the ham now.
  6. Again, thanks treefrog07. i'll heed your advice on the ODD'S. i am hoping to avoid the wipe and re-install procedure. at present, i do not have the software to back up my programs. it would be labor intensive to track the programs individually and re-install. sometime arond the 1st of the year i'm going to install my new ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 mobo and amd phenomII x4 970black cpu w/12gb ddr3 ram. i have a 450gb velociraptor hd i wanna run, also. i may install 2 of them in raid 0 format and run an ssd for boot. i do not feel confident with the ssd's yet (not the drives themselves, but my lack of understanding of!), and i have not played with raid yet. one thing for sure- i'm always open to advice and suggestions.
    TimW :)
  7. Sorry, I forgot to mention that with the mobo/cpu install I am going to switch over to Windows 7 Ultimate Full 64bit. I guess that was my main point!!
  8. You could be getting false positives from STOPzilla. If none of the scanners in the malware guide picked it up, it's pretty likely.

    Does the master drive show up in My Computer? If not, follow this guide to delete the upper and lower filters.

    Did you run the ccleaner registry tool? If there was some damage to the registry, it may fix that.
  9. Have you tried a CD cleaner disc? The problem may just be a dirty lens.
  10. Thanks, aford10 and pjmelect. In addressing the last post first, indeed I did clean the lens with the disc- a few times.
    The false/positive scenario did cross my mind a few times, but why does this keep repeating? I'll admit to being somewhat of a paranoic in terms of security. In following the guide about malware removal, I did as instructed, plus added the Micro Trend Hijack This to the recipe. Furthermore, we disabled the avast internet security and firewall along with STOPzilla. I ran everything in safe mode w/ networking. A full Malwarebytes scan revealed nothing. As I mentioned in a post earlier today at a different location in this forum, I am not qualified to interpret the logs of either Combofix nor MT Hijack This. And no, aford10, I did nothing with the filters. The slave drive on the chain is working, or was last time I checked, but the master isn't in terms of 'autoplay'. As of now, I have not had time to swap them around and reset the orientation switches on the back of the ODD's.
    Please forgive my intensity regarding this matter, but I'm not much of one to let an issue rest. I most certainly appreciate the expert attention you all have given this issue of mine.
    To all, I am thankful!
  11. Oh yes, both drives show up in My Computer
  12. aford10, there are NO filters listed in the rt. hand pane of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}....Both ODD's show up in the Device Manager and in 'properties' they are both listed as working. Another thing I wonder about is in My Computer, they both are listed as DVD/RAM drives, E: and F:. The drive letters are correct as my partition is designated as D:. They used to be called 'ROM'!
    We ahve even applied the ms support download 'autofix' to them and supposedly it said it fixed a couple of problems.
  13. As per the Hijackthis log, you can copy and paste the log to this site, and it'll tell you if there are any blatant issues.

    Combofix is the most effective malware software I've ever used. If it finds any issue, it'll fix it automatically. It doesn't prompt you to allow/deny the action. So, when it's done running, anything it found will be removed. The only other option that would be as effective/more effective, would be to create a boot disc (such as the AVG disc mentioned in the guide), and scan the OS without booting into the hard drive.

    Since the drive is showing up in My computer, and there are no filters to delete, that narrows down the issue. Swapping the cable position probably won't help, since the drive is already being recognized (though it's worth a shot if you'd like). At this point, there are a couple things to try:
    -go to the device manager-->right click and uninstall the drive-->restart-->It will reinstall on restart.

    -insert the XP disc-->click Start-->run-->type sfc /scannow and hit enter-->if it's an issue with the system file/driver, this will repair it.

    -try the drive in another computer. If the drive is defective, this will let you know.
  14. After running autofix wizard numerous times and tweak ui, these are the log results that i got:
    Heres whats going on in regedit:
    HKLM\System\CCS\Enum\...!Always Enable(Absent)<NOT SET>
    HKLM\System\CCS\Enum\...!Always Disable(Absent)<NOT SET>
    also can't find the filters in the registry. they aren't there!
    i downloaded the AVG file from above and can't copy it to disk because of the ODD issue. i know someone out there has an answer for me. i really don't wanna wipe the drive and re-install OS because i do not have the time to put all of my programs back in and i do not have the software to clone the drive contents.
    thanks in advance for your help
  15. aford10- i tried the drive in our dell xps 400, same os, and the drive works fine. so what you are saying is that if i put the xp disc in, it will be read by drive AFTER we perform the device manager>uninstall E: and F: (my drive labels)>restart and overwrite the installed os? hope that made sense!
    thank you!
  16. ok, i think we are making some progress. it appears the F: drive can be eliminated from the problem. it was able to copy the above AVG diagnostic file. the machine did recognize the E: drive upon device manager>uninstall>restart. so now i'll try the os overwrite and see if it fixes the E: drive parameters and post back. i am really greatful for the braintrust here at tom's. thanks a bunch!
  17. OS overwrite? Do you mean a repair install?

    Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
  18. Thanks, aford10. Maybe I misspoke- I think I should have said repair install, as your below quoted statement implies. Sorry if I confused y'all!

    "-insert the XP disc-->click Start-->run-->type sfc /scannow and hit enter-->if it's an issue with the system file/driver, this will repair it. "
  19. Ah, I see.....That's not a repair install. That's a sfc scan (system file checker).

    A repair install would do the same thing as a sfc scan, but there's more to it. Here's a nice screenshot guide, if you want to see the differences.
  20. Hey, thanks a lot, aford10! Late last night, I was googling around for answers and found something in the registry regarding user accts. I took the log from autofix and started hunting down objests one by one. Not 100% sure, but we may have fixed it. The parameters appeared to not have all the values installed...I think! I am sooo burned out from chasing this stuff around, I've kinda forgotten what page I'm on!! If it messes up again, I'll do the sfc scan. Thanks a bunch for your help!
  21. If you're editing the registry, be careful. It doesn't take much to really screw up a computer. It's a good idea to backup the registry before making changes.

    Good luck!
  22. yeah, I learned that the hard way!- ONCE! 'regedit' is no joke and nothin' to fool around with if you don't totally comprehend it- which I don't! But, I know enough to go slow and not get poke happy in there. My pc education comes from googling and making copies of everything, compiling and editing into text format, and using common sense and reasoning to accomplish the task at hand. I am thankful to these forums and to the ability to do sound research that I learned throughout my tenure as an Automotive Engineer at General Motors.
    Oh, by the way- I'll go off topic a bit to inform you that the whole false/positive issue I was experiencing with the infections appears also to be resolved. I uninstalled STOPzilla and reinstalled to a 'newer' version and I don't appear to be getting malware anymore. I'm not sure why or how that deal works. Maybe when I am done with this new build, I 'll research it. But for now, I need to learn about these SSD's and their nuances. I'd like to use one for a boot drive along with my 2 450gb Velociraptors in RAID 0 for this new build. My thanks and gratefulness to you again, aford10.
  23. So are you still with GM, or did you get the boot? I live in southern Michigan, so that whole situation is all around me.

    Sounds good. Best of luck with the new build.
  24. No, I begged them for a buyout back in '94, but no go. I retired in '96 from the Tech Center in Warren, MI.
    Them drives are still actin' up!...another late night I'm afraid!!
  25. I plugged the XP disc in as suggested>start>run>'scf/scannow'>enter and I get a message that says Windows can't do that....hmmmm! wonder what's up with that?
  26. You need a space between the sfc and the /.
  27. Ahh-hah!...I see it in your post now!...Thank-you
  28. This exercise is no longer fun! I'm ahving problems with the XP disc. It's not the OEM disc, but a copy of the OS the last tech who worked on it installed. I get the insert disk bs and the retry windows and have to do a hard shut down to get rid of it.
  29. Is the disc scratched or smudged? If yes, use a soft cloth and a few drops of water to clean the disc.

    You can get into the BIOS, and change the boot order, to boot off that disc. If the disc isn't damaged, you could just run a windows repair instead of the sfc scan.
  30. No, the disc is in perfect shape. It doesn't load up like the OEM disk does, though. When you put this disk in, it shows a page of files, such as setup.exe and what not. As I said previously, this tech that installed it via flash drive sent the file to our Dell XPS 400 and told us to burn it to disk. It has the 25 element reg key along with it. The original OS installed on the machine was XP Home Edition and I do not have the disc. A friend of mine put this pc together for me (Compaq SR1426NX) and installed the OS about 3-4 yrs. ago. This 'new' OS is XP Pro SP3 and I am under the notion it came from a torrent. Why? I went to MS Support a while back for help and they said my OS wasn't registered. I got in an uproar over the matter and told the tech they weren't going to get their $100 and talked to my lawyer about the matter also. Thank goodness I had a witness present when the work was done (in home) and we both observed this tech blow my original OS away without even attempting ANY diagnostic work. As of this post, they are working again, however I have noticed in the registry where something peculiar is happening. Instance: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer>RtClick 'NoDriveTypeAutoRun' and in the data value box is '143'! It should be '91' and I have set it at that hexadecimal value before. Why does it keep changing on it's own? The MS AutoFix has come up with some strange anomolies in the registry also. Per your suggestion, I took a look at the article on repair installation. It seemed a tad complicated and I couldn't move on it because of this OS disk issue. No, I have never installed an OS before, but do know from watching that this file system should not come up. Any suggestions? Would you like to know the OS file content?
  31. When you say it's doesn't load like an OEM version, I assume you mean like a recovery disc (HP, Dell, etc...). The reason I say this, is because there are full OEM versions of windows, as well as retail.

    It sounds like you have a full version of windows. Which is actually better, because you can do more with it.

    Did you check the permissions on that 'explorer' folder of the registry? It could be a permissions issue. That shouldn't cause you a big issue though. My value for that setting is also 143.

    It's actually very simple to do a windows repair. If you would like to go that route, I can help describe the parts that seem complicated.
  32. That would be great, aford10. Hey listen- something is attacking the hell out of me right now, so I am going to find the forum to discuss this. This is NOT the false/positive scenario.
  33. ok, nancy!
  34. timw128 said:
    That would be great, aford10. Hey listen- something is attacking the hell out of me right now, so I am going to find the forum to discuss this. This is NOT the false/positive scenario.

    ^All taken care of?

    timw128 said:
    ok, nancy!

    If you're ready to do the repair:
    Put in your XP disc.
    Restart the PC, and tap the delete key repeatedly.
    That should bring you into the BIOS settings.
    Look for the Advanced Boot Settings and/or First Boot Device (each BIOS is a little different).
    When you've located the First Boot Device settings, change it to the CD drive.
    Press F10 to save changes and exit the BIOS.
    It will restart.
    You should see a message to 'press any key...', do so at that time.
    It will then proceed to boot off that XP disc, and you should see the first screen from that guide I linked above.

    If you have any questions, just let me know.
  35. thanks,, aford10!...all seems well for the moment, however, i am going to copy your instructions and page them into my 3 ring binder. i most certainly appreciate your help! we'll talk again, but until then, you and yours enjoy this Holiday Season.....hmmm! who's 'nancy"???*....LOL!

    *(answer: the 'no it all' tech who messed my machine all up, that's who!!!)
  36. :lol: Make sure you send Nancy a nice Christmas present! [:aford10:3]

    You too. Have a nice holiday season!
  37. Is that a bullet or a boxing glove???

  38. Best answer
    :D Let's be gentle. It's a boxing glove.
  39. LOL!...Too many years in the Detroit area, I guess!
  40. aford10- I am back to the same ol' issue with the odd's. I am considering deleting the u & l filter keys from the registry. I once had the Roxio program but removed it, and yesterday put Nero on. From googling around, the impression I'm getting is that these filters (redbook, etc) are not needed and could be the issue. Once again, subsequent to running the fixit wizard, the shell detection services were turned off. I do not know what is causing this to disable. I go to services.msc and the service is set to 'auto', where it should be. I am just trying to figure this out in hopes of saving the repair install for absolute last resort. I am a bit leery of the filter deletion as I don't want to open up another can of worms. Whatta ya think?...I am sorry to keep pestering you with this problem, but I am greatful for your knowledge. Thanks!
  41. It won't cause any harm to delete the filters. It's usually done to deal with drives that aren't showing up in My Computer. I'm not sure it would help, but it's worth the try.

    It's no bother. We'll get it fixed up.
  42. OK, Thanks aford10! checking, there are no filters. Ran the filtercheck utility. Now, things that I deleted yesterday are showing back up on the desktop and addresses are appearing in the 'run' subject box!..I have never seen anything quite like this. SUPERSpyware Pro finds a lot of adware tracking cookies (126) and CCleaner and a couple of other utilities I run are finding a bunch of empty registry files- no keys! I haven't done anything flippant in regedit. I am very cautious when looking around in there and if there is something I do not understand, we google it and print for a diagnostic reference. You know, aford10, it's almost like this thing has got a little man behind a curtain in there pulling levers and pushing buttons or something!..Not good!
    We are getting quite busy around here with our Holiday graphics projects and such, so let me take a bit and go and study that link you sent me on the repair install and touch back with you, that is if it's ok. Again, I appreciate your time and thought on this matter- Thanks!
    TimW :lol: NOT!
    PS- If you don't mind me asking, what part of the state are you in/from?
  43. Ya, it's no problem at all. That's the reason I'm on here.

    Sounds like you may also want to run through the malware guide in my signature.

    I live in Adrian. It's a relatively small town between Ann Arbor and Toledo.
  44. Yes, I know the area. A Methodist college there, right?
    Yeah, I ran the guide in your signature about a week ago. I really didn't get the part about the Combofix log and posting it at one of the suggested sites for analysis. bleeping has a long distance run around ordeal to get it done. It seemed like they also favored TM's Hi Jack This, too. As soon as I get freed up a tad, I'll run it again and throw SUPERAntispyware Pro into the mix also. For the record, this machine has 2gb RAM installed (2 chnl, 4 slot) and I have a bad slot in mobo. Before it dropped a slot we had 4 matching 1gb sticks= 4gb. I realize the system @ x32 only saw 3.2. The point I am trying to make is that right now (using a factor of 2.3) the virtual memory is at 4600mb. I think 2.5 is the absolute max factor for this setup. Sooo, I'm trying to say that possibly there is some stability issues. If so, I wouldn't think that they would be as extreme as the issues appear. Does that make any sense?
    Well, it's nitenite is bad to get old!
    We'll chat again....Oh, excuse me by the way...I HAD your stapler (past tense). It now resides at the pawn shop! I needed the money and it was either your stapler or my prized GSX.
  45. The combofix log doesn't need to be analyzed, that's the Hijackthis log. The combofix will display a log of what it found during the scans.

    2GB of RAM isn't a lot, but it's plenty to have a stable XP system. That won't be an issue.

    You're probably thinking of Siena Heights. It's a catholic university. That's actually where I went to college.

    I thought it was called gaining experience, not getting older?

    :o Don't mess with the stapler, or I'll have to send my gimp after ya. [:aford10:4] Besides, you'd get more cash for the sweet ride.
  46. Well, there sure was a big difference w/ other 2gb of ram. This machine is a bit long in tooth, but we've got new psu, video card, sound card, hdd, and odd's (x2). FF is mATX. It has a ASUS goldfish3 mobo and P4 Prescott 3.0ghz cpu. There is a new ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3.0/ AMD Phenom II X4 970BE 3.5ghz combo sitting here to replace OEM set-up. Don't have time to install right now. What would be cool is to see how that XP ran on that DDR3 memory. The problem I've got is the new build I am working on is getting the W7 Ultimate x64 OS and I would like to keep an XP machine around. New project doesn't have mobo or cpu yet. I am not an Intel fan. That given, I am favoring the 1090T vs the 980X. About a $700 price differential, too! I am not a big fan of OCing and I do know that you can push the 980X a bit harder. Anyway, we're in no big hurry! I really don't need all that horsepower but it sure would be fun to be able to play the Zynga gaming apps in a rather quick FB games are the only games we play)
    NEVER! The Buick was a hs graduation present and it stays put. lol!
  47. I'll just throw out there, if you have the budget, the intel CPUs are faster in most all uses. I know people have their preferences, but just thought I'd throw it out there.
  48. I think you're right about that. The CPU wars are like a pendulum on a clock, but from what I gather, the AMD's are very popular right now. I have seen a 980X pushed to 4.6ghz and it's pretty shakey. I know, they have said it holds the 'world's record' for highest OC at 5.0. I just do not see the msrp on those things as justifiable. Beyond quad core, I agreee with your statement. There is a shop here in town run by a bunch of punk rocker gameheads. They know what they are doing. They built two virtually identical bench mules- one for an AMD platform, the other Intel. Here's the catch- the two partners in the business are like night and day. One of them swears by Intel, the other AMD. I cannot tell you which mobo's they are running, but the chipsets are cpu brand specific in each case. They had some pretty wild benchmark categories- games, sisoftware sandra, etc.. The Phenom II X4 platform ran cooler, was more stable, and much faster than all of the Intels, save the 980X clocked to approx. 4.5. Just the feel on the screen/mouse, if you know what I mean- the response! The AMD was very intuitive, to say the least. I did learn one thing from that show- intel's weak link is there chipsets, and they do run hot, especially the Core series. Saw the digi's with my own eyes. Both machines did struggle a tad with Crysis. At least it didn't perform the way the developers intended it to. You're talking about a $185 chip holding it's own against a $1,000 chip. Of course, these are on the fringe of extreme catII gaming rigs- ssdx1, hddx4, crossfirex2, etc.. I am not looking for anything that extreme. There is a monster debate, depending on who you want to believe, as to the hyper threading matter. It all kind of reminds me of the Chevy vs Ford vs Dodge thing in the car buff world. So I just sit on the sidelines with my lil' ol' Buick, knowing full well she'll whip all comers that are equally tuned. Pretty funny! So, my point is, that I have money I'd like to spend elsewhere (like a new road bike) than on a high $ chip. I only care that my pc screams on my autocad, stress analysis, FEM programs, and on the stupid Facebook online gaming apps. That's it!....For! By the way, the specs on your rig look pretty impressive. Look's quick! You like the OCZ RAM? Will it take a push? That Cooler Master case is nice- pretty airy! What kind of power do you have in it? How's that Core 2 Duo handling that OC to 3.75? Awesome mobo for that chip, too!
  49. It's been a great rig. I built it a little over a year ago I think. The HAF is whisper quiet, and has room to add anything (it's HUGE). I'm still on the dual core intel, but it's still ranked as one of the better gaming CPUs (though, I don't game like I used to). It was pretty easy to get it up to 3.75. I'm still using the stock cooler though, so I haven't taken it any higher.

    It's been rock solid, and handles everything I've thrown at it so far. The velociraptor was an upgrade, and well worth it. It's running on an OCZ 550w PSU.
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