Graphics Card Installation Problem

So, I am taking out this old POS graphics card to put in a used graphics card (8800 GT) I bought on eBay. When I put it in, and start up the computer, this siren noise starts going off. Do graphics cards ever need to be connected to a power source? There is a 3 by 2 white "grid" plug on the back of the card, and I'm speculating that the siren is going off because the card senses the fan isn't working or something.

How do I connect the card to the PSU, if I need to at all? Will I need to get a new PSU or can I buy cables somewhere?

What do you guys think, and thanks for the help.

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  1. You should have 4 pin white connectors on your psu and you can buy an adaptor to turn it into a 6 pin that fits at the back of the 8800gt.
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