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I have about 50 old 16 bit Elementary games for my little brother to play. The problem is that all of my computers have Windows 7 X64. So I used Virtualbox, and made an installation of Windows XP Pro 32 bit. I ripped all of the cd's and made ISO's of them, and I use Daemon Tools Lite to mount them. This works fine, but when he is playing the games, The refresh rate is so bad that they are unplayable. I have tried every remote tool I know of, and cannot find a program that refreshes the image often enough to play.

So far I have tried:
Windows Remote Desktop
Real VNC
Virtualbox Video redirection

I do not want to use something as Logmein, or Teamviewer because the traffic has to go out to the internet. I have a Gigabit LAN.

I would prefer to use remote desktop because it automatically adjusts the screen resolution.

I just cannot find a way in any program to adjust the refresh rate.

Thank You
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  1. I have no idea if LogMeIn would solve your problem, but just to be clear, the internet only serves as a means for client and server to locate each other. Once located, if it’s determined that both are using the same local network, they establish a *local* network connection and do NOT use the Internet for communications. I believe TeamViewer works similarly (or worst case, I know TeamViewer allows you specify local IP addresses for local connections).
  2. I tried teamviewer and LogMeIn, and went into the options of each and let teamviewer connect via ip address, and changed each to look the best, but the refresh rate is still terrible.
  3. Splashtop is the best performance I have seen for remote desktop game play.
  4. That seems exactly what I am looking for, but I was looking for something free.
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