How best to configure Win 7 drive partitions

I have a new Win 7 Home Premium laptop & have a couple of questions about how best to configure how files are stored.
Actually, my first question is the result of my intervention. I shrank the OS partition to 133 GB & was left with 105 GB unallocated space. I would like to extend the Data partition to include this unallocated space, but can't seem to do it. Win 7 disk management will not let me, it will allow me to do anything else to the Data partition except extend. Should I just revert the OS partition to the original 238.5 GB? Seems like a lot! BTW I was only allowed to shrink OS to 133.31 GB.
Second, How do I have Win 7 use the Data partition to store my created files. CDR, DOC, XLS etc?
Seems it is only using the OS partition????
I guess I also need some info on how Msft intends this drive partitioning to be used. Like Having only the OS & program files on the OS drive & everything else on the Data partition. If that is the intent, then where do I make this happen?

Thanks so much, just trying to get this behind me before I get on with using this new PC.

BTW it's my first ASUS & so far I love it!!

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  1. Hey,

    If u don't use a lots of space for installations u can make it even smaller (u can re-size it later). I like more even #.

    U can have 3 partitions first for the OS and installs 70GB, second for Documents and small files 20GB and third for lets say video and music files, the rest of it.

    It also helps to keep it from fragmenting as much and it is easy and fast to defrag. And quicker for searches.

    It is good to separate it , because in case of corruption or crash of OS system files u can just re-isntall without losing any data on the other partitions.

    And when u make back up it has only the OS and programs. Its faster.

    Here is how to move things around,

    use this to part.
  2. Hi,
    To partition hard drive in Winodws 7, I suggest you leave 30-50GB for win7 OS (if your OS is 32 BIT only 25-30GB is OK), and the rest unalloaced space you could partition into 3 three or more partitions,

    you should also note the numbers of your partition. You could only create at most 4 priamary partitions. By useing the disk management in Windows 7 there's no option for you to chose primary partition or logical partition. It is automatic. The first three partitions you create will be primary partition, the fouth partition you create will change to logical partition. If you want to create more partitions, you could only shrink the logical partition and get free space to create other logical partitions, if you shrink primary partition to create new partition, you will get the error meassage "the numbers of your partition is the maximum.

    If you want to know more infromations about repartition hard drive. Pleaes refer to this article "How to split C drive into two or more partitions"
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