XPS400 Won't Recognize (2)Hard drive

Hello, I am just getting into the computer world I am somewhat capable of doing what I can. But I need help with a second hard drive.

I have a XPS400 Pentium D 3.20Ghz Running with windows 7. I have two hard drives in it and today I just looked in my computer and looked at my storage and found out I only have 12.3 G's left. (Fairly small hard drive). Then I noticed I don't have my second 160Gb hard drive next to it. I went into bios and it said that Drive 0 was occupied by my main hard drive. and Drive 2 was occupied by my second hard drive. I am a bit stumped here and I would like some help. If anyone can please help me in any way. I neeed the second hard drive for some gaming.

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  1. Thanks so much I will post back if this doesn't work. I am on a friends computer right this moment.

  2. Alrighty, this is not working for me. My computer has two 160 GB hard drives one is shown up as Disk0.
    It is split into drive (C:\) and Drive (D:\) and 40GB is for back up (D:\) and 110Gb for (C:\).
    And My second hard drive is yet to show up YET AGAIN. Either can you tell me how to fix this or make that back on my first hard drive all go to Drive C:\

    This is really pissing me off...
  3. It doesn't show my second HDD. It shows One HDD with it separated into two. But in bios it shows that it has 2 hard drives that it detects
    I dind't really understand what you said in the last post so I just explained what I could.

  4. Alright This is all from the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

    Computer Model: Dell XPS 400

    System Model: Dell DXP051

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.20 GHz. (2 CPUs)

    2GB RAM (4 512MB DDR2 Sticks)

    Two 160 GB HDD's

    ATI Radeon 4850 512MB

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

    If you need anything else let me know.

  5. See your other post thread.

    You have two physical HDD units according to your BIOS, you say. One of them is set up with two Partitions, and each of those will be treated by Windows as one "drive" with its own letter name - yours are C: and CD:. The OTHER physical HDD also should have at least one Partition created on it and formatted, so that it has its own drive letter, too - something like E: or F:. If it does NOT have any Partition(s) created and formatted, Windows will NOT be able to "see" it and use the "drive". BUT see my post in your other thread for how to check using the correct pane of Disk Management.
  6. Alright two questions. ( I AM sorry I am having you guys bother with this so badly.)
    1.) Is there a way I can Change that "BACK UP DEVICE" into using it's storage for the man drive it self?
    2.)How do I format it and create partions if The Diskmgmt can't see the drive itself?
  7. You have a Partition called th4e D: drive which you say is used for "backup". I'm not sure what that means, but I presume it contains data. Then the big question is: do you need any of that data? Any attempt you make to alter the Partition layout will wipe out the data on that D: "drive" (Partition).

    Now, IF you are sure you can lose all the data on the D: Partition, you CAN "amalgamate" them in this sequence:

    1. First check in Disk Management the layout of the two Partitions on Disk0. It should be with the C: Partition (120 GB, right?) FIRST (to the left) on the HDD, and the D: Partition on the right. IF it's reversed, do NOT proceed. What you want to do will only work if the space you will "free up" is AFTER the C: Partition!

    2. Use Disk Management to Delete the small 40 GB Partition called the D: drive make VERY sure you do NOT touch the larger C: Partition!! Reboot, and Disk Management should show you that space as "Unallocated Space".

    3. RIGHT-click on the C: Partition and choose the menu option to Extend that "drive" (Partition) to include the newly-free Unallocated Space after it.

    4. Back out and reboot, and check that the C: drive is now larger.

    I am STILL intrigued by what you report. I do not understand how your BIOS can tell you there is a second HDD unit called Drive2 that appears to be a valid piece of functioning hardware, and yet Disk Management fails to show that in its LOWER RIGHT pane. You did SCROLL down to look for it, right?
  8. Yes I did, I just checked BIOS Again and yet it still shows in Drive: 2 That there is a SATA 160gb Drive and it says it's "Truned On".
    I did look around and I was tyring some stuff but it said my computer might not boot up again or i need to reinstall and I dont have the CD for windows 7 so I was kinda scared and discarded all my changes.
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