Resistor on Zallman 9900A.

The resistor that comes with this cooler is supposed to be used for quieter performance. What does it do? Limit the fan from getting to max rpm? Anyone have any experience with it both on and off for performance comparison?
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  1. Where do you see the resistor? and yes if it has one it lowers the voltage that gos to the fan making it spin a bit slower and/or it could be a resistor for regulating the voltage that goes to the led light so it doesn't burn...
  2. That's what they call a PWM controller for bios fan speed control. It lowers the fan speed at idle, and raises it according to temps.
  3. Its a connector that you could plug in between the plug and the mainboard with a visible resistor on the wire. I wasn't sure if it simply lowered the fan speed across the board or only at idle or limited its Max rpm.
    I left it off to start and am very satisfied with the low noise level so I wont be using it.
  4. you should try it just to see what it doesn too...just out of curiosity...
    cause I'v never had a cooler come with something like that...
  5. It is NOT, OMG, NOT a PMW controller. A resistor drops part of the DC voltage to the fan, reducing the voltage to the fan, thus slowing it down. A bit of math to do it right is involved.

    That is ALL a resistor across the 12VDC input to the fan does.

    PWM fan control needs a input from a .... GAAAA Never mind It's Toms............ Don't expect or see many electronics folks here.
    The details for this cooler state that it has a PWM controller.
    I added more info so that we can read up and be smart like others.
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