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looking for a PATA SSD for my laptop, but there isn't to much out there for choices.... the read/write on the one @ new eggs SUCKS compared to the one for desktop...... if someone know of any good read/write PATA SSD, let me know with a link!!

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  1. There aren't any good pata SSD's.

    They are all too slow, too small, and too expensive.
  2. what am i suppose to do then? my computer is about 2 years old, and the sockets are pata..... they are the one that drops into each other that look like forks...
  3. this is my computer....


    i want to get a SSD.... is this a old outdate computer???
  4. it says its SATA on that site? :S not pata? or ATA / IDE as its also known as. The forks as u discribed sounds like what u get in a laptop to save room, same conection , but looks diff so u can just slot the drive in rather than cable style on a desktop?
  5. yeah, come to find out its is the ATA/IDE..... but still confused about what kind of SDD will work?
  6. Newegg has some PATA (IDE) SSD's.
    But as i said, they are too expensive, and too small.

    Take that money and put it in the piggy bank towards a new system one day.

    If you just wanna drop some cash, id always suggest coke and hookers ;)

    Oh, PS. Just looked at your link... its says its SATA, so i'd crack it open and have a look to be sure, but looks like it will take a normal 2.5" SATA SSD.
  7. the interface is different.... the SSd had the Flat(plug) infterface... here these are verticel and they look like prongs...
  8. 1.8" ZIF PATA SSD:
    I know:
    Sandisk UATA 5000
  9. I did a lot of research into this about a year back and the best model was the RunCore Pro IV PATA. There are a few different models here:

    The RunCore Pro IV contains an Indilinx controller which is much faster than the cheap and crappy JMicron controller found in most PATA SSDs. The Indlinx controller has much higher 4K random read/write performance which seems to be the most important performance metric. There don't seem to be any PATA SSDs that use the Sandforce controller (which is faster than Indilinx) but I don't think that matters much since the bandwidth of the PATA/IDE interface is too low to take full advantage of a Sandforce controller.

    Putting a 32GB RunCore into a Dell Lattitude 610 made it feel like a brand new computer again. Well worth $119.99:
  10. I hate to recommend this company since they have a terrible attitude regarding their customers, but I believe this is what you are looking for... SandForce 2100 based 2.5" PATA SSD:
  11. A last ditch option that I have done my self is a Compact Flash card to 2.5 inch ide adapter however the catch is that will hinder the performance of most card to ata 33 spec level performance. However for cost and storage it is better than most choices out there.
  12. The CF option is not acceptable they are no faster than and HDD for running and OS because of the dreadfully slow Random Read Write Speeds.

    If you want an inexpensive but fast PATA SSD check this out.

  13. SSDAmen - This is a very old thread from November 2010. The OP is long gone.
  14. Only reason I posted is cuz lots of people still look at this thread from Google. Also I posted the wrong thing looks like they are all talking about Zif drives. He got that one right the Runcore is the way to go unless you want to get the Renice K3VLAR E 1.8" Zif. Will give better battery life and better compatibility (native PATA controller no SATA to PATA bridge) along with SSD performance.
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