Upgrading a Dimension 8400

I found a very nice-looking CPU on eBay and I was wondering if my computer would support it?

Currently, Specs:

Dell Dimension 8400
Pentium 4 Prescott 3GHz HT (Model 630)
Chipset: Intel i925x
CPU package: LGA 775

I want to replace it with a pentium D 965 Extreme Edition at 3.73GHz, found here:
Is it possible with a 350-Watt Power Supply?
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  1. The 965 might work; power supply isn't an issue, it's the heatsink (if you plan to use your old one) and the motherboard chipset. This cpu ran very warm; one of the reasons Intel tried but failed to push the btx case format for cooling their warm cpus. You could probably change to a newer motherboard if your backplate were removable, but I don't know if you have the confidence to try it. Any p45 board would run the newer core 2 duo and quad core cpus. Microcenter has the q9400 quad core for only $129 this week if you live near one. And p45 boards start at around $70 shipped at newegg.
  2. so you are saying that the heatsink would be the problem? i dont think that a dell would be worth the trouble of upgrading the motherboard, if i were to do that, i would start from scratch.
    I was mainly hoping that i could only buy that and slap it in there, would my chipset support it? would it fit? is it really that much hotter than my P4?
  3. The 965 is probably the warmest cpu Intel ever made. With the newer core2 duos, you get more speed and cooler cpus. You might be able to upgrade the cpu heatsink if you go with the 965. You can also check starmicro for similar cpus; the 3.4 might give you some performance boost, and it should work with your heatsink. The early dual core cpus actually performed better for many applications. The 805 is one example, but I don't know if it will work with your motherboard. And the $100 for the 965 is no bargain; For about the same money, you can get an e5400 combo deal at Fry's with motherboard that will perform better.
  4. ok, well i will scratch this off my list, and just opt for a newer computer looks like i squeezed most of the life i could out of this setup, i'm still glad that it can run win7 with all the aero effects and everything, so i can wait for now
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    No, probably not. The 965 EE uses a 1066 MHz FSB. I believe that the Intel i925x only supports an 800 MHz FSB. You'll have to go to Dell and check the CPU support for your particular system. You may need a BIOS update to use a new CPU so make sure you pay attention to that as well.
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