SpeedFan 4,42 temperature read is half that of Real Temp 3.60

I have an Core i3 540 CPU running Patriot Viper 1600 MHz RAM XMS 7-7-7-20 on a Gigabyte H55-UD2H
I upped the Bus speed to 160/RAM to 1600 and with a 23x multiplier I have 3680 MHz on the CPU.

Speed fan lists four cores (i guess it reads the other two logical cores) and reports temperatures in the region of 15-20 C when idle, while Real temp lists around 38C (core1) and 35C (core2). now, if I add up the temps for the 4 cores listed by speedfan it comes to about the same temps as the real temp read outs.

1) Just wanted to know if anyone else noticed this?

Also, my GPU is an ASUS ENGTX 460 TOP 768MB. I've overclocked it to 920MHz/1840MHz/3980 MHz and I run it with smartcooling enabled. The GPU normally peaks at 55C under full load. When I'm running tessmark I also do a sensor test with Real Temp+ Prime96, and I notice that CPU then peaks (on core1/core2) at around 88C/83C or thereabouts. i.e. around 17C/22C from TJMax. Of course this is with Tessmark also running to load the GPU. Without it the temps are lower.

2) Do these temps sound normal to you guys? I was hoping to later overclock the i3 the proper way, with the lower multipliers first, and then overvolting until I can get to around 4.1Ghz OC. After seeing these temps it makes me think I may not be able to manage it.

Without OC my i3 540 idles at 20s to low 30s in temp and peaks at 60C (even with Tessmark still running)
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  1. Speed fan isn't reporting the temps correctly, Hyperthreading (logical cores) shouldn't be picked up by temp monitoring apps because there not physically there, only logical.
    Your CPU load temps are high, I don't know what the max safe temp is for your CPU but I would imagine its around 75-80C, Are you using the stock cooler?

    EDIT: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=46473 I wouldn't go past 72.6C, 88C is way to hot.
  2. Yes I am using stock fan, and no thermal paste because the stock fan came with those pads that it uses instead of the paste. According to RealTemp 105 is the Tjmax for the CPU and only Prime 95 + Tessmark running continuously pushes one core to peak at 88C (17C from Tjmax).

    Under full Prime 95 without tessmark also running it pushes it to 82 (23 C from Tjmax) on one core and 77 on the other. If I recall, the rule of thumb is to run about 20c under Tjmax to be extra safe.

    at any rate it does seem high. And without the overclock, it peaks at around 50-60.
    but not sure if i can install a third party cooler because my case is a CM 335 elite. there is a big vent on the side that also pushes into the case and hovers over the cpu.

    any recommendations?

    EDIT: feels like the rear exhaust fan on the PC is a bit crap... It doesn't seem to speed up as CPU temps rise, which makes me think it's running at full speed. but at full it's rather quiet and doesn't really shovel much air. the new 17db akasa red led fan i bought for the front seems to be doing a lot better. i have half a mind t oget another of those (or maybe something moer powerful... i dont caer about the noise) and trying it out at hte back.

    Just ran another test. It peaked at 79C/75C (26C/29C from Tjmax).
  3. I'd recommend following intel's max safe guidelines, but its your chip at the end of the day.

    Can you take off that plastic shroud thing? is it screwed on to the side panel of the case?


    That cooler is fairly low profile providing you have enough room to mount the rad+fan in the back of the case.


    That is very low profile, but I'm not sure on its cooling abilities. Maybe read a review on it?
  4. Thanks. I was looking at the Scythe Slip Stream on Amazon too.It's £10. I'll get that and see if it helps at all, and then go for the third-party cooler... I'm pretty sure my rear fan isn't doing its job. I can't even feel teh air flowing out of it wheni hold my hand.
    if it doesnt help much I suppose taking off the vent and getting a good cooler is the best bet.

    I don't really want to spend £60 on a water cooler as it would've made more sense to go for a more powerful CPU then... I built this rig recently on an emergency budget :/

    thanks again!
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