ASRock Extreme 4 OC 2600K (or 2500K I guess)

Not sure whether this is a mobo question or OC question......

I'm eyeing ASR Extreme 4 cause it has better features than ASUS for same price level.

I've only gotten 1 data point on the overclockability of the board with SandyBridge vs Asus. On Anandtech 1 guy said he couldn't get past 4.4ghz and wondered whether it might be the power of the mobo.

I'm wondering if anyone else is rocking the ASRock and what other data points we're seeing this board be able to deliver? Just trying to figure out if indeed there is any real difference in the ASRock's OC ability vs ASUS. If they can both OC the same, then I'll take that factor off the table and decide based on price, features, warranty, reputation. Also I've seen a lot of b^tching about the ASUS boards having boot problems right now....maybe its something that can be fixed but its making me hesitate right now whether the "legendary" status for Asus is to be valued or not.
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  1. Quote:
    Tom did a review of this board and it overclocked to 4.6ghz. Also it's more about the chip these days then the mobo

    Ok so maybe the guy who can't get past 4.4 just has a chip that can't get past 4.4 on any mobo.......that's what I kind of wondered. It was wondering whether the 8+2 phase power on the ASRock meant it was somehow "underpowered" vs Asus which I think is 12+2. Or whether its worth paying for ASR Extreme 6 which is 16+2.

    I still don't even know what 8+2 vs 12+2 vs 16+2 power phases even means. I guess I'll seek counsel via Googling......
  2. Asus > ASRock
  3. willmalcom said:
    Asus > ASRock

    Thanks for the detailed answer :)

    I get it that Asus is "better" than ASRock - just wondering whether that "better" is really meaningful, real, etc. ASRock has many more features for a lower price point. And there seem to be lots of posts about glitches on the new Asus boards, but none on ASRock.

    Hard to decide!

    Also I guess its important that ASRock keep up with BIOS updates in the future, like I'm sure ASUS will.....
  4. I have same model board with my 2600K, works great. I haven't gone for the ceiling on overclocking but I'm stable at 4.4 ghz with good temps. It's stable on 4.6 ghz also but temps are a bit higher than I want (77-78 C full load), but that's because I don't have a high end cooler.
  5. I got an extreme4 board with a 2500k stable at 4.6 GHz easy with the menu on the board. I idle at 40C and max out at 65-70C. I'm using the Scythe Mugen 2 CPU cooler.
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    Hogan I'm using the Asrock Extreme 4 with the 2600K

    I haven't pushed anything too far (as I don't really see the need) but am at 4.3 ghz. I obtained that simply by changing the multiplier no other settings.

    I run prime 95 without errors. While doing so I keep the Asrock tuner opened up to monitor the temps, max temp is around 55C, I idle around 30C. Heatsink is the Corsair H70
  7. My ASRock P67 Pro3 board has 8+2 power and overclocks my 2500K to 4.8GHz, plus it handles 12GB of RAM (one 2x4GB kit and one 2x2GB kit) while maintaining rock-solid stability. I recommend ASRock to family and friends as well as random strangers on the internet.

    Supposedly the greater the number of power phases, the smoother the power flow to the components on the board will be. Theoretically, this makes for longer service life and higher overclocks. Once you get to the 8+2 range, going with more won't actually make a big difference.

    And yes, we have several people here on the forums whose Sandy Bridge chips won't go past 4.2GHz even. It really is about the CPU more than the board.
  8. OP back to visit my long lost thread.

    I did buy the ASRock Extreme 4 just after posting back in January.

    I love this board - hasn't given me any problems and seems a great value price vs features.

    Just got my RMA'ed version from Newegg and swapped it out with no problems.

    For anyone else considering ASRock - go for it!
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  10. I'm running an Asus Sabertooth P67 and I couldn't be happier. I did an OC to 5GHz just to try it out but the voltage wasn't to my liking so I settled on 4.5GHz and am stable at 1.32v. There is nothing wrong with ASRock (they are made by Asus anyway) but I love my Sabertooth!
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