SATA HDD data transfer to slow

Below is shown all my HDD been tested with HD Tune Pro. It seem My 1TB HD got some problem. I getting a result 0.0MB/sec for minimum transfer rate.




Anyone can help me to fix this problem? I already formatted this drive but it still in same situation. Im using win 7 ultimate, AMD Athlon 64x2, 4Gb 800Mhz Ram, 512mb PCI-e graphic card.
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  1. Wow that 1TB drive graph should be flipped horizontally and it would still show a problematic drive :)). I'd first try the hdd in another machine to remove the probability of the drive to be faulty.

    Then i'd check that the HDD is in proper DMA acces mode in Windows Device Manager -> Properties on the Controller interface.

    Then i'd check the bios, maybe even give it a update if it has one you pc could have an old mobo.

    Then there's the SATA-I -> SATA-II incompatibility thing, you might need to change your drive's sata mode from II to I either using jumpers or trough the manufacturer's software.

    Then check if newer chipset drivers are available.
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