Random spots :S help.

Graphic card info:
Nvidia Geforce 7600 series GS 512MB HDTV DDR2 AGP7X/4X

It's new, I just fixed my computer and the graphic card was working nicely until yesterday when I opened Fifa 2008 and saw these purple/blue... spots on the field.

I opened toribash, and the same, here's a screenshot from toribash:


I do not get any spots while using the computer itself, just when I open a game.

Just noticed:
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  1. Try to update your drivers to to lastest version. Check the card's heatsink and cooling to see if everything is OK. Perhaps you have to repair your directX.
  2. To check to see if your DirectX is operating properly, you need to run "dxdiag". In windows XP you can do this by going to Start > Run > Dxdiag. In vista just type dxdiag into the start search box and press enter. After it completes (the progress bar is in the bottom corner normally) it will inform you of any problems and give options to correct.
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