What bench mark to use for a GTX 460

Hey everyone I have a new 460GTX and am over clocking it with after burner. I just would like to know what is the best bench marking program and where should i down load it ??
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  1. Furmark, Google it
  2. I find if my GPU overclock is stable for 30minutes of Unigene Heaven 2.1 then its stable in everything else.
    For example an overclock that appears stable in Crysis may show to be unstable in Unigene Heaven 2.1

  3. Yeah same here. I find you need a DX11 benchmark for stability test with a DX11 card.
  4. I have been trying to find a common or universal settings for the heaven benchmark but can't seem to nail one down. What do most people use for resolution and settings? The other part to this question is I seem to have a very limited number of settings and tweaks in the benchmark itself. Anybody know what to do to access more advanced settings?
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