AMD AM3 hsf question

hey folks,

i have a ~7mo old PII 555 heatsink (heatpiped, non-tower).

would this hsf be better than the hsf that comes with the Athlon II X2 240 retail?
A friends budget is pretty slim. edit: and he wants to do a little OC'ing

opinions? facts?
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  1. Stock cooling P 2 555 / Athlon same stock cooling, comparison both is depend on which system using!

    if u want little OC ( not too Much!! )use Stock cooling :
    go bios disabled smart Fan & set enabled Shut down temperature 70C, when your system overheat this can protecting from prevent damage !
    Always control temperature !

    for more OC need good HSF after market like (hyper 212) + Thermal paste (As5)
  2. How do they compare physically? If the 555 hsf is larger and/or has a larger fan it should cool better. Also, that Athlon is rated at 65W and the 555 at 80W so AMD may have put a better cooler on the 555. They are interchangeable.
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