Asus MB found new hardware pci device

Installed new HDD and mb is asus A7N8X-X windows finds "new hardware" that isnt there opens wizard that cant find driver for device.

I have nothing in PCI slots, "unknown pci device" has to be IRQ screwup somewhere but everything works except for service pack 3 for XP... after install it hangs on boot screen , will not boot . this is a IDE pc !!! THE INTELL ENTRY IN REG HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS PROBLEM. ???
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  1. Can you try running system restore? Select a restore point that was saved before you installed your new HDD.
  2. get the driver cd for motherboard and install all drivers

    if you don't have it anymore

    go to website and download
  3. Thanks for the suggestions . I did have the driver cd for the motherboard, BUT I found updated drivers from their site.. And I Am getting same problem . Looking through the new drivers I found where they added a "FIX" for this .. but for some reason its not working. I installed the updated ones twice to make sure .

    It basically had a system32 run file to set it up with no driver .
  4. Did you try to install the driver manually ?

    1) Press and hold windows key + pause

    2) go to hardware tab

    3)open up device manager

    4) locate device with a yellow "!" and right click and go to properties

    5) goto driver and click update driver

    6) select install from a list select first option and check box include this location in search

    It should find it and install (hopefully)

    or repeat same but use don't search, i will chose the driver to install but then you have to tell what device is it is

    Can you show me the fix to know what it is related to ? Do you have any sound on the computer ??

    THANKS ill will try to help you
  5. Yes I have sound and everything else seems to be working fine. I have the "unknown PCI" disabled in device manager the only place it shows an error is in the system scan an tht shows a "problem device" . I dont think there is a driver for this specific it should be covered with the IDE driver.

    here is what I found the SMBus folder -

    ; nvsmb.INF

    ; Copyright (c) 2001-2002, NVIDIA
    ; Version 1.00

    Signature = "$WINDOWS NT$"
    Class = System
    ClassGuid = {4D36E97D-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    Provider = %NVIDIA%
    CatalogFile =
    DriverVer = 11/20/2003, 4.0.4




    %PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4
    %PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_0064
    %PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_00D4
    %PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_0084
    %PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_00E4

    ; Do-nothing section used to avoid "Unknown hardware" installation prompts.



    SystemClassName = "System devices"
    PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc = "NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management"

    See the NO_DRV and this readme is a setup information file that opens with note pad. I was going to manually put this in the system32 folder ... then I chicken'd out because pc is running perfect , no errors on boot running a normal startup and no crashes !

    I am thinking now the "Asus Probe" was giving me kernel errors on boot up so I uninstalled it , but would the kernal error on a "motherboard temp monitor" cause service pack 3 to lockup in the windows load screen??
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