Asus k8n-e & 750gb hard drive not working

I am trying to install a Seagate 7200.12 750GB drive in my PC. I have an Asus K8N-E board and I am not receiving any video when the drive is connected. As soon as I unplug the drive, it comes right up. I updated to the latest bios and still no luck. There are no jumpers on this drive and I was told it was backwards compatible. Any help would be much appreciate.

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  1. I would try a different power supply plug. Switch them around if needed. I also use the software that comes with the drive to prep it for installation.
  2. And try a different SATA cable also. Be sure the cable hasn't been badly bent.

    The system is acting the way a IDE drive would if data cable was on backwards, but this shouldn't be possible with SATA. Nor is any drive software going to fix this, since the system shuts down when drive is installed.

    Here's Seagate's page on this drive - nothing jumping out there.

    If the drive is mounted, un-mount it and let it stand free near system to test it.
  3. I called ASUS and they told me the drive I had needed to be jumpered so it would only run at 150. The Seagate 750gb does not have jumpers, but the WD drives do. I sent it back to tigerdirect and ordered a WD. Jumpered it down to SATA 150 and it works fine. Thanks for you responses. Scott...
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