How to overclock i950 stable

Well...For now, mine is really stable running at 3.75ghz if the load is under 100%...It is ok because most of the time, we never really push our processor that far(up to 100%). However, I do not consider that a stable overclock. First of all, let's talk about my CPU and fan installation.

well...This is the fan I get:

I do not know how people could get another similar corsair fan 120mm of the H50...But as for now, the manufacture only supplies one fan, which kinda sucks consider people have to do the push and pull set up.

Anyway, I am not sure if I set up the push and pull correctly...So ask for advice here and hope I could get some help from some of you experts cooling guys

The fan, which I provided the link for above, is the one I use for the pull set up. The side without the supporting pillar faces the vent(with a lot of holes) of the case, and the side with supporting pillar is attached to the radiator, is it the correct set up for the h50 to pull the air in from the vent of the back of the case?, the original 120mm corsair fan is used to extract the hot air from the radiator. The setup is that the side with no supporting pillar is attached to the radiator for getting air out of the radiator, and the side with supporting pillar faces the ram sticks.

However, the temp is so freaking high, load is about 80 - 85C, idle temp is 40 - 45C with vcore set to 1.33 or 1.35 and bclock set to 170 and everything is set to auto and untouched. I am just wondering if that is the common issue among all of you guys? Because I would like to drop the temp a bit. In addition, I only test the system with 50% load...Not really sure how I could get my overclock stable.

So my mobo is X58A-UD3R ver 2...
here is a complete lowdown

- everything is set to auto except voltage and clock speed, so
bclock: 170
CPU ratio: x22
vcore: 1.33
QPI/VTT: 1.29 or a little bit higher(don't remember, gotta check it going into the BIOS)
Hyperthreading is on
Turbo mode is on

As for overclocking up to 4.08ghz, I set the CPU ratio to 24. However, I pumped up my vcore to almost 1.4, but it is still unstable, getting BSOD screen with different error messages. Sometimes, I got the message about one of the core was not recognized and another time, the video card.

Q: Is i950 really that hard to overclock? I do not think so, cuz most of the people claimed this is a piece of cake overclocking i950 with just a few minutes of tweaking. But as for me, it takes about an hour or more.

Q: Is anybody out there please give me some advice on how to overclock to 4ghz (stable)?

Q: How is it possible to lower the temp? My ambient temp? I do not know my ambient temp but my room does not have any heater. It is so cold in winter.
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  1. The H50 is not great cooler and the temps you are seeing are not unexpected. As you can see here:

    It runs about 5C hotter than the Prolimatech Megahalems. It also increases case temperature as the radiator blocks case air flow. Without changing coolers, I'd suggest lowering Vcore in an attempt to decrease heat output. My son's 920 is running at the same CPU speed as yours, obviously w/ a higher BCLK and lower CPU multiplier. He's seeing full load temps in the mid to hi 50's on the Megahalems at 1.125 volts.

    Follow the OC guide here:

    paying particular attention to voltage optimization.
  2. Got no choice, but the darn case is too small to fit this cooler you mentioned. I have got a really good corsair cooler which is similar to the one you mentioned but because of the darn case Azzazz, stupid case, which is why I had to buy a new one. After reading some reviews about the H50 being a really good cooler and fits in my case, I bought it. But when I received it, I realized that we only have one fan for this darn H50...Then I had to buy another fan for it to set up the push and pull.

    However, the most important thing about this topic is if I have mounted my CPU cooler correctly as well as the push-and-pull...And hope you guys could help and give me some comments or advice.
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