Is display preventing HDCP?


I just purchased a HD 3650 AGP card from HIS. I was told it supports Avivo Decoding, its even on the box. But when I play a test file from WMV HD showcase. The 720p works flawlessly but playing 1080p lags and audio is off like crazy. Can anyone help? Or can it be the sound card? I just also installed a Diamond XS71 7.1 sc.


2.4Ghz CPU s478 P4
1.0Gb RAM
HD 3650 512mb AGP

Using PowerDVD 6.5, WMP11, and Nero Showtime to play the files. The display is a Acer 17INCH LCD Display with only VGA input. The max res. is 1280 x 1024. I know this is not the res. for 1080p but i was testing the card's HDCP. Is the monitor the culprit as to why 1080p is not working? Thanks

PS. I don't think the monitor is HDCP compliant lol, it's a 4yr old monitor.
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  1. HDCP is just for BlueRay, so that isn't the problem.

    Your processor is the problem, it simply isn't powerful enough for high definition. I had the same problem on my older system with an AMD Athlon 2600+ mobile overclocked to 2.2Ghz and 1GB ram.
  2. Why does it work for my Dell with a 1.8GHZ Sepron and a 8400GS with 512MB Ram? 1080p plays perfectly on that machine. Also will it play bluray then? Because i've seen reviews on newegg about a 1.7GHZ CPU and this card running blu ray.
  3. UPDATE: I disabled the sound card in windows and 1080p played fine, there was NO video lagging at all. But when enable the audio lags and makes the video lag.
  4. HDCP is only for DVI & HDMI so it has nothing to do with the VGA output.

    The problem is that the files are WMV and they most likely aren't using the VC-1 codec, which is why the video card is not decoding the video. Open up Task Manager and check the % of CPU is being used during 720p and 1080. If its maxed during 1080, then the CPU is your problem.

    The problem could also be that those video playback programs do not implement hardware acceleration. I know Nero 8 doesn't. A simple fix is to download the K-Lite Mega codec pack and install the "Full w/Media Player Classic" and follow their website's guidelines for installation. I remember changing a couple of things during install but hardware acceleration is enabled by default so you could just let it install and then go to their site to see if there is any settings you should change.

    One tip for K-Lite install: choose "AC3Filter" instead of FFDShow for audio playback. AC3Filter can be customized far more than FFDShow which is helpful for DTS & DD playback.
  5. I was writing that and didn't see your update.

    Now, I definitely recommend getting the K-Lite Mega codec pack as I had a similar problem a little while back and this codec pack plus playing everything thru Media Player Classic solved everything.
  6. Yes, you can play Blu Ray. However, you will run into many problems with Nero and PowerDVD. Those two programs are horrible with Blu Ray. The best option is to get AnyDVD HD which will let you play Blu Ray video directly from Windows Explorer, just like you would play a video file on your hard drive and using Media Player Classic.
  7. Thank you speacialk90. The CPU is maxed during 1080p play. But I've downloaded some trailers from the site "" which are quicktime MOV files encoded for 1080p and 720p. The Catalyst Control Center shows only a 110Mhz clock and a 200Mhz Mem. Clock even tho its playing HD. Will Media Player Classic with the K-Lite Coded Pack play blu ray as well?
  8. Something doesn't seem right with the speeds of your video card - they seem far too low.

    Your video card is able to offload video encoded in H.264, MPEG2 and VC-1. H.264 is used in Blu Ray and online content because it has the best quality. MPEG2 is mainly DVD as well as online and VC-1 is in Blu Ray sometimes as well as WMV HD.

    Using the K-Lite codec pack, it is designed to offload all video decoding that the video card is designed to handle. With the video card decoding the video, you CPU shouldn't be used much, if at all while playing these formats.

    Media Player Classic can only play Blu Ray if AnyDVD HD is installed because AnyDVD HD removes the AACS protection from Blu Rays. makes AnyDVD HD and they have a great forum where you should be able to find info on using PowerDVD, if you wanted to upgrade it to play Blu Rays. I have used PowerDVD 7 and 8 and ended up removing both. At first, P-DVD 7 played most Blu Rays fine but not online HD video. P-DVD 8 would play online HD video but have problems with many Blu Rays. Then something got screwed up and neither would work.

    Oh, and you can try AnyDVD HD for free for 15 or 30 days. Both AnyDVD HD and K-Lite are free so it can't hurt to try them out.
  9. Yes the speeds are for 2D only I found out. It'll go back up to normal when 3D is used. I've tried H.264 encoding with PDVD but there is a problem with the AGP card and the ATi Drivers. New drivers don't support AVIVO for AGP cards. I only bought the card for this purpose. So I've tried MPC-HC and it plays HD H.264 fine and uses the AGP card to offload the CPU's processing. Without this program every HD file I play 720p or 1080p now is lagging. WMV HD, H.264, VC-1. Every format. Hopfully BD works. Do you know what format it is in?
  10. You need a monitor with a DVI or HDMI. Since VGA is analog it isn't HDCP complaint. Yeah it's a pain but that's the way it is.
  11. So if I get my HDTV in time and plug the HDMI to the HDTV and play H.264 with Nero it'll play 1080p perfectly? Why does my Nvidia 8400GS have HDCP and I use a VGA monitor but it still have hDCP? Please HelP!
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