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hi there guys..hopping to get a bit of help in overclocking my pc and hope that some one may have a bios template for my system...i have tinkerd with the bclk and cpu Multiplier clock but not voltages..and from what i have read voltages and other bios tweaks make it stable not just tinkering with bclk and muliplier.. but cant get a stable settup for 3.8gig and i dont really want to run it higher as im not would like to get a bit more out of my ram to bring them up to decent speed to suit the overclock and any other features that should be enabled or dissabled in bios... here is my system specs Gigabyte-EX58-Extreme with bios version f12 i7 965 extreme cpu windows 7 64 bit ultimate 3x2 corsair cm3x2g1600c9 x2 ati xfx hd 5770 overclocked versions haf 932 full tower case Noctua NH-U12P cpu cooler highpower 850 watt psu ...... i have googled for hours and hours trying to find a template and found loads on i7 920 cpu,s but all of them are going for 4gig marks or trying to copy theres gives me bsod...and ive guessed that the 920 with other gigabyte boards would be diff to mine hence what could be good for them wont be good for i thought id come ask the experts in this forum for help
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  1. Just some food for thought:

    Are you sure the 1600 MHz RAM is fast enough for that? I started using 1850 at one point because of some timing issues. For the extreme 5.27 GHz Gulftown I went with 2000 MHz even.

    (I have a bad habit of always blaming RAM first when I have problems)

  2. ahhh so what your saying is buy a faster ram ...than what i already have....after reading what you wrote i looked for better ram and found Corsair Dominator GT 6GB CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 wich is 8-9-8-24 would you advivise upgrading to that first..another thing is that ram compatible ..
  3. Well, every system is different, but you are getting close to speeds where faster RAM will reduce the chance of it being a timing issue. RAM is pretty cheap, so it is a good possibility to eliminate, if you know what I mean.

    If the problems remain with the faster RAM, then you have to keep sleuthing.
  4. even doing this dont give me a template for overclocking my pc to a stable 3.8g...wich is all im my 1600mhz ram should do with ease
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