Quick question regarding RAM Cooling.

Hi guys just a quick question in regards to aftermarket RAM cooling..
at the moment i am running these.

and since they dont come with RAM cooling modules i was wonder if it is possible to get an aftermarket one to match the specified RAM. and if i could what would be a good suggestion for this specific product?

i am current running the following specs

intel i7 920
Asus P6T delux
Asus 5870
Corsair HX850Watts
all this shoved into a Cooler Master Cosmos S so there is plenty of room but considering my room has such a bad ventilation i am worried about my cooling this coming summer... as i have forgotten to mention i am from Sydney so our summer gets pretty hot... anyways i appreciate all your opinions thanks in advance.
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  1. they do come with heatsinks....
  2. i know they do.. but as i stated sydney weather can get really bad during summer...
    it can reach anywhere up to 40+ degrees Celsius and its a concern for me whether the heatsinks will be sufficient enough. putting heatsinks aside i still would like a suggestion on the RAM cooling module none the less cheers.
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    you could look at some of these:
    ^thats made by OCZ so im sure it can fit, along with most ram coolers im sure they can fit different brands (not %100 sure), under specs it says compatibility and it just says memory so im guessing it doesnt really matter what you choose.

    heres another one:

    just pick and choose a ram cooler...if you need one really bad,
    if you have good case ventilation you wont need a ram cooler, the air inside the case should move the heat from the heatsinks.
  4. thanks for the suggestions the OCZ looks really good appreciate the links =)
  5. delusional said:
    thanks for the suggestions the OCZ looks really good appreciate the links =)

    no problem :)
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