Mixed Ram Brands

I found a couple threads that deal with this issue, and I think that I should be ok, but I wanted to ask to make sure. I bought a 3 ram stick pack, not realizing the rules for dual channel memory. So I bought another single stick of a different brand.

Here is the pack I bought...

I bought this for a 4th stick...

This is my mobo...

The main reason I ask is because I found out after the fact that the Sector 7 ram pack is for triple channel. Anyone care to help? Don't wanna mess anything up. TIA.

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  1. You should be ok. The specs for the stick and the kit look the same.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I thought it looked OK, but I'm still fairly new to the building scene, and I just wanted a confirmation from someone who probably knows more than me.
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