Have a Viewsonic vx2433wm.
Downloaded latest drivers from ati site for display.
I place the resolution @ 1920X 1280.
The display doesn't fit the whole real estate of the screen.
View Sonic auto adjust image is grayed out.
Cannot change the H. /V. Posistion to spread out the display.
I'm using HDMI PC for the input select on the ViewSonic Monitor settings.
There is also HDMI AV which in turn doesn't use all the real estate either....

Any suggestions..
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  1. I have the same problem. I installed the Vista 32-bit drivers on the ViewSonic site. Only with HDMI, with 1920x1080 you lose bottom and it's shifted left. Start menu, taskbar not viewable. With HDMI, the adjustment options remain greyed out; I can use it, and it syncs properly at 1440x900, but all resolutions do not change the lack of the adjust. vga, dvi-d work fine. jdmarsh2g, did you get this resolved? Anybody else seen this, or have a solution?
  2. Also, to clarify above. I'm using the NVidia GeForce 8400M GS, so I believe this is Viewsonic vx2433wm HDMI issue, not unique to the adapter.
  3. I have the same problem but only after a video driver update !

    I have an ATI HD4850 and the same monitor, I updated my drivers and now get the same problem.

    Has anyone seen a fix for this ?
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