Samsung external hard drive says needs formatted

I have a Samsung 500GB external harddrive that has been working great since I got it a few weeks ago. But now both of my computers say it needs formatted. Also, if I plug it directly into my TV's USB everything works fine and I can watch the movies I have on it. I hooked the usb cable to another hard drive and it worked fine, so I know that is not the proble. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
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  1. try slax cd live ...!!!

    copy file to a new drive!!!
  2. must leave a message if it worked or not!!

  3. I can't copy file to a new drive because I can't open the harddrive. And it says it needs formatted, but when I try to format it is says it can't because windows doesn't recognise it.
  4. Try plugging the external to the other USB slots in your computer, if it worked then that particular slot has a problem or you may try that to the other computer if it works (means it is detected) then your unit has a problem - it could be hardware conflict.
  5. Thanks to everyone who responded. It is a hardware issue and the company I bought it from is sending me a new one. Thanks again...
  6. Hi there. Apologies. But can I also ask my problem here?
    Im very amateur with this techie stuff.

    I have lots of important files at work which I always placed in
    my external drive (1TB). Since my laptop has a low memory.
    However, every other time, it would ask me to reformat it.
    Sometimes I would ignore. I would just click Cancel and
    reconnect it to the USB port again ,and it will work. Then the
    hardest part is when it wont appear in My Computer tab again.
    But it is detected in the Device Manager which display that the
    storage of drive is unallocated. I tried to make partitions.
    But both doesnt appear. So i would reformat the whole drive and recover.
    (All the time! And its very time consuming)

    1. I'd like to ask if my drive is broken?

    2. If I'm doing something wrong with the drive? Any options
    to make it safe or anything, to avoid being need to reformat?
    Why does reformat occurs in my drive?
    I'm always scanning it with MS essentials.

    3. Is there any other option that can be done
    instead of reformatting?

    I hope somebody could help meeee. And I'd be so happy
    if I would not reformat and recover every week. :)
  7. thanks to you p

    same problem but your post solved it
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