GTX260 upgrade to GTX285 worth it ?

Hey dudes , I currently run an EVGA GTX260 core 216. I have 15 days left on my step-up program. Do you think it's worth upgrading to the GTX285 for aboout $125.00 ? I play BF2142 , COD4 and Crysis ect...

E8400 ( 4.02 )
4 gig corsair
24" LCD
coolermaster 800w psu

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  1. You probably won't see a dramatic increase in performance. You would be better buying another GTX 260 and running them in SLI.
  2. *** ing way you wont see any big increase in performance maybe few frames. gtx 260 can run every today game on high at that resolution.
  3. I agree you wont see much of an improvement. gtx260 sli runs like a beast should try it. =D
  4. awesome feedback people. I will hang on to this 260 and consider SLI in the future.

    mucho appreciated
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