ASUS P5P43TD PRO overclocking issues

Hello all you overclockers out there,

I have an overclockingproblem with my new setup and I was wondering if I could get your advice on the matter.


Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G (4x) - DDR3 1333MHZ
Gainward GTX 275
Western Digital 400GB 7200rpm - RAID 0 (400GB)

First things first. I have read several guides and not been able to solve the problem myself and I've dissabled all the things that should be dissabled (from what I've read).

Now onto the problem. :)

As I specified I have bought a ASUS P5P43TD PRO and according to the manual and the box it came in it should handle 1600(OC) FSB.
My Q9550 i've had for some time and I've been up and spinning with it on my old board an ASUS P5KC at speeds 3.2GHZ without changing the voltage (I had it on auto if it dosnt autoscale that is) and it was fully stable on that rig.

I must admit, the memorys I bought for this rig are farily poor and are not optimal for overclocking. But I'm not looking to push the Mhz or the timings on them so I thought it would be OK.

The Computer is not stable in any of these configurations that I've tried. (Havn't tried more because it should like I read in the manual and on the box be able to handle 1600OC FSB).


I have tried all the different voltage settings on my NB(1.10 to 1.25) and the SB(1.5v to 1.6v).
The CPU I even tried 1.325v to 1.4v.
The memorys modules according to Kingston should be given 1.5v and I've even tried up to 1.605v without it beeing stable.
The timings I've put in are 9-9-9-24 (taken from Kingstons homepage)

TEMPS in system with auto on everything: 29c system / 35c CPU so I don't think its a heat problem.

I manage to get to the Windows startup logo and there it crashes every time.

I even put the FSB to northbridge strap on 333 and even tested 400 and none of them gave a successfull POST. It has to be put on AUTO to even make a successful POST and get to the logo where it crashes.

In your expert opinion, what is causing this instability? For like I said before CPU have been up there before on a different board and stable. And This board Should according to the specs handle 1600oc fsb.

I'm Thankful for every little bit of information that could help me out.

Thanks in advanced and best regards,

// PoeX
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  1. Have you lowered your dram frequency or ram divider to get the ram as close as possible to stock speed? and have you tried raising the cpie clock a little? that might help the overclock...idk, if I come up with anything else I'll post here...but good luck for now ;)
  2. Issue Solved. Motherboard broken. Got a new one and hit 420FSB x 8 :)

    // PoeX
  3. Great! did it cost you extra or you got a refund or rma?
  4. Refund. :) Bought the same one thou.

    Cant seem to hit 425 x 8. Mainboard wont go there. Think it's the P43 chipset that's blocking me.

    Thought about trying the 104mhz pci-e lock trick, but, i dont know how much heat it will produce on a heavily overclocked graphicscard.

    4mhz shouldnt do much now, should it? :)

    / PoeX
  5. fact the mhz of the pcie clock won't affect the actual graphics card by much...definitely not enough to make it show any difference...
    and temps don't rise much if you are running on the same voltage...raising the clock without raising voltage doesn't produce much added heat...

    you would probably be fine going even 8mhz with no problems...
  6. Alright. Thanks Videl. You're all aces in my book. :)

    / PoeX
  7. haha thanks... ;)

    now I need to get a new mobo...and then I'll do some more ocing, on my xeon...
    will be fun as I pretty much overclocked my amd to an didn't die just reached the limit...
  8. Xeon? aren't those primary use for servers? Or does desktops draw advantage from them now a days?

    / PoeX
  9. Well you can run a xeon in a desktop board easy...they are pretty high binned and overclock very well. My xeon is the L5640
    I got this baby from 2.26 to 4Ghz...and it's a six core so it has the performance I rendering...
    Yes it is low power and low wattage and that doesn't even matter to me... it's 1366 and has not much of a difference form an i7 really... 6 hyper-threaded cores making it 12... has the the i7 architecture... 12mb of cache... its 32nm also...

    I just got it for cheap...from someone... I have an Engineering Sample... and it proved to be exactly the same as the retail...except for the's probably binned higher... Engineering samples end up being high binned often...
  10. Hi there. If it helps, I got
    P5P43TD Pro
    2x4GB Crucial Cheapie RAM
    I eventually got the my FSB up to 440 but it was an effort and not 100% stable.
    for 420 FSB.
    I had major trouble OCing. I eventuall found that to do a decent OC, I had to :
    leave the PCIE frequency on auto (risky I know)
    I set my RAM FSB strap to 333 with the lowest speed available (Cheap RAM)
    CPU Voltage 1.2-1.25V
    Northbridge 1.2V
    I'll double check and get back to you tomorrow if it'll help.
  11. O.K.
    FSB (417) @ 8.5
    PCIE (100)
    FSB NB strapping (auto)
    DRAM Freq (Auto)
    Static Read - to- MEM OC Charge (all disabled)
    Clock twist (light)
    CPU V (1.2)
    NB V (1.2)
    everything else on auto.
    Your RAM will act differently.

    FSB (440) @8.5
    PCIE (auto)
    FSB Strap (333)
    DRAM Freq (881)
    Same as above, but CPU voltage should be 1.25v.
    I hope that give you a starting point. My RAM really limits me I think.
    Good luck.
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