Core i5 2400s: Replace stock fan for non-gaming, no-oc use? Si or No?

Thanks very much for taking time to peruse my post. To replace my current AMD 64-based build, I just ordered a Core i5 2400s and an Asus P8P67 Pro.

I'm won't be gaming, just doing standard MS-Office, some Photoshop and light video, music editing and dvd burning. Hope I haven't wasted money on hardware overkill.

For my purposes, will the Intel stock fan be sufficient?

If not, please recommend a mid-range cooler, preferably something that is really very quiet as the noise drives me crazier than I would otherwise be.

I appreciate your expert assistance!

PS I know this thread is in the o'c forum, but I couldn't find a "cooler" forum anywhere else on THW.
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  1. The sandy bridge cpu's are very light on volts and all preliminary reviews show them having pretty good heat management even under 100% load... without any OC you wont be needing more than the stock cooler... unless you are not happy with its sound levels... just ensure your case has a decent airflow with atleast one intake and on exhaust... that should take care of it...

    As a replacement you can go for the CM Hyper TX3 for an easy push pin install or the CM hyper 212+ (provided your case allows its height) for a quieter operation...
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    go to any major store like NCIX and look at their compatible coolers. Get one with a 120mm fan which will be quieter than the stock fan.

    1. your stock fan may run quiet enough for you so I'd install it first
    2. you need to enable the FAN CONTROL in the BIOS usually. Your choices might be AUTO, Voltage, or PWM. (I tried "Auto" for mine, but only "Voltage" worked properly to vary the speed of the fan).

    You can get less noise out of an after-market solution or even choose NO FAN for larger heatsinks provided you have at least one case fan. Your stock fan might be adequate; in either case make sure you get fan control working in the BIOS (there should be no need for any Windows software settings).
  3. Hi ferretmania,

    Be rest assured you'll not need any aftermarket HSF to run your CPU on stock frequency.

    Even for minor 10-20 percent overclocks, it not exactly of paramount importance.

    So save the money - at least for now :)
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